Ubisoft E3 2019 Preview | Confirmed titles, what to expect, and rumors

The Ubisoft E3 2019 press conference is bound to be an exciting one as the company is set to show off some of 2019’s most anticipated releases and debut some new titles. Like previous years, Ubisoft will be holding a traditional press conference in front of fans and press. In the past, the publisher wowed with Starlink: Battle for AtlasSouth Park: The Fractured but Whole, Watch Dogs and other titles in past conferences. Look for Ubisoft to do the same this year as it shows off a number of sequels and hopefully a new title or two.

Check out our Ubisoft E3 2019 conference preview so you know exactly what to expect from the publisher this year when it streams live on Monday, June 10 at 4 PM ET.

Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference Preview | Confirmed titles

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Epic Games Store exclusive confirmed

Ubisoft has already announced Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the follow-up to the wildly successful Ghost Recon Wildlands. The third-person shooter will look to improve upon the open-world formula of its predecessor and will feature a fictional island locale rather than being modeled off a real-world location. Expect for the 2019 release to get a gameplay presentation, complete with some obnoxious and overly scripted voice chat commentary. It will be one of the main focuses for the French publisher for good reason as the original was one of the best selling games released this console generation.

Blue Bytes’ strategy series, The Settlers, will be another familiar face. While not likely to be a main focus of the show, the building series will make its return to PC this fall. It will feature several graphical and gameplay improvements in order to modernize the gameplay that originated from the 1993 title of the same name. It uses the publisher’s Snowdrop Engine, and it would make sense to debut a release date and new trailer during its press conference.

While these titles have been confirmed to show up, Skull and Bones has been confirmed to not be at the show. Developed by Ubisoft Singapore, this title won’t be out until 2020 at the earliest and we probably won’t see it until later in the year. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will also not be at E3 2019 but there is an upcoming livestream on June 5 at 6 PM CEST.

Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference Preview | What to expect

ubisoft e3 2019 preview

While it’s confirmed that there won’t be a new Assassin’s Creed game this year, that doesn’t mean the franchise won’t have a presence at E3. It could always get ahead and show off the 2020 title or detail some DLC or event plans for Odyssey as its current batch of DLC is set to wrap up soon. Additionally, it is not an Ubisoft E3 press conference without a divisive Just Dance performance, so that is essentially a lock as well. Embrace the cringe or the joy because clearly Ubisoft does.

Over the past couple years, we have seen a growing collaboration between both Ubisoft and Nintendo. This allowed Ubisoft to handle some of the most beloved Nintendo franchises such as Mario and Star Fox in its own titles for Nintendo Switch.

It has been a successful partnership, so don’t be surprised if the two decide to join forces yet again for a third project together. There are plenty of franchises to choose from and clearly Ubisoft understands how to use Nintendo characters in a faithful and fun way. We might even see one of its characters wind up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC as well.

Ubisoft E3 2019 Conference Preview | What is rumored

ubisoft e3 2019 preview

Thanks to a new retail listing, we now know that Ubisoft will be showing off the next entry in the Watch Dog series. While the last title was set in present-day San Francisco, Watch Dogs Legion will take place in a post-Brexit London, England, and will allow players to recruit any character they meet in-game. How exactly that will work remains to be seen, as it seems like an absurd amount of user freedom, but we’ll find out more about the ambitious open-world action game next week.

One persistent rumor has been that Sam Fisher will make his triumphant return and a new Splinter Cell would finally come to current systems. This is still entirely unconfirmed, but the buzz has been around for the past few years. However, in terms of gaming rumors, where there is smoke there is likely fire. That makes an announcement more likely than not, but with Watch Dogs Legion having such a huge debut at the show, it might make more sense to reveal Splinter Cell some other time or next year if it isn’t releasing imminently.

One of the strangest rumors that is almost too weird to be fake, is that Ubisoft is working on a roller derby game. Called Roller Champions, the multiplayer-only title will look to blend Rocket League‘s fast-paced gameplay with colorful character designs. For as many complaints that Ubisoft gets for creating similar titles and not trying new things, this would certainly be something fresh even if many weren’t begging for such a title. This could be one of the coolest surprises of the show if done correctly.

While it’s not certain that all of these rumors will pan out, it looks like the Ubisoft E3 2019 conference will be well worth your time on Monday afternoon. GameRevolution will have live coverage of this and every other press conference during E3 2019.

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