New Splinter Cell game hinted at by E3 2019 collectible goggles

new Splinter Cell game may be revealed at E3 2019. While Ubisoft has been relatively quiet about what’s going on with Sam Fisher these days, a slip-up from GameStop may have tipped their hand. A listing for some E3 2019 collectible Splinter Cell goggles briefly popped up before quickly being removed. Thankfully, a quick-minded person managed to capture a screenshot before it was gone.

A tweet from Wario64 notes that the “Splinter Cell: Sam Fisher Goggles Replica” briefly appeared on the GameStop website. Priced at $39.99 (or your regional equivalent), these collectible goggles were stated to be from a company called Just Play that specializes in turning licensed properties into real-world toys. While the original store listing has since been removed, the page is still available to view via Google Cache.

If this listing wasn’t made in error, it would seem that these Splinter Cell goggles are coming at an awfully strange time. The newest game in the franchise is 2013’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist and it would be a little odd to release collectible merchandise for a six-year-old game. That is, unless, it foretells a new Splinter Cell game.

The chances of a new Splinter Cell game are certainly good. It’s been nearly six years since we’ve last dived into the world of Sam Fisher. This franchise has more or less been regarded as one of the classics of the stealth genre and now’s as good a time as any for Mr. Fisher to make his return. Something else to be pointed out: the original Splinter Cell designer Clint Hocking has been at Ubisoft working on “unannounced” projects since 2015 — plenty of time to make a new entry in the franchise and reveal it at this year’s E3.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that we aren’t getting a new Splinter Cell game. We may be looking at some kind of remastered collection, some sort of tie-in media, or (most disappointingly) no Splinter Cell news at all. We’ll have to wait until E3 2019 to find out!