Wolfenstein Youngblood and the best games where you can kill Nazis

Considering the current political climate, more and more people want to do more than just punch Nazis. Thankfully, video games allow you to let out all of that pent-up aggression. Later this month, both Wolfenstein Youngblood and Cyberpilot will release and give players two new action-packed ways to battle against Nazis. However, they are far from the first games to allow players to do this. Murdering Nazis has been a celebrated gaming pastime since the ’80s and there are dozens of games that allow players to massacre and mutilate members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party or their various offshoots. If Wolfenstein Youngblood doesn’t scratch the Nazi-killing itch for you then check out the 10 best Nazi games below:

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | 10 Second Ninja

best nazi games 10 second ninja

While not a game one would typically associate with Nazis off the top of their head, 10 Second Ninja actually sees the player taking down Nazi robots. This fast-paced platformer actually feels more like a puzzle game as the player has to defeat all of the on-screen enemies within 10 seconds. It’s more about coming up with a good route to take rather than reflexes, although they still come into play during its dozens of levels.

ALSO: Wolfenstein Youngblood RTX support won’t be available at launch

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Bionic Commando

best nazi games

Capcom tried to underplay the Nazi influence in Bionic Commando‘s western release by renaming the villains to “Badds,” and removing any instances of the Nazi Swastika. The original game was much more blatant about the subject matter, though, as its Japanese title translates to “Hitler’s Resurrection: Top Secret.” Even if you are playing the English version, it’s pretty easy to spot the Nazi references. After all, the final battle features a revived Adolf Hitler, whose face winds up exploding after the player defeats him. It’s a satisfying end to stopping the Nazi regime and Bionic Commando is easily one of the best action games for the NES.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Bloodrayne

best nazi games

Starring Rayne, the half-vampire who is working with the Brimstone Society to rid the world of evil vampires, this hack-and-slash title is more infamous for spawning a trilogy of awful Uwe Boll films. However, the actual game is a pretty enjoyable hack-and-slash romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The bulk of the first game deals with Nazis searching for a mystic artifact that they believe will help them win World War 2. It’s down to the player to stop their plans and decapitate or suck the blood out of Nazis while doing so.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Call of Duty World at War

best nazi games cod world at war

There are all kinds of terrible Nazis to kill in World at War. While the game might be most important historically for its introduction of its zombies mode, which is still in Call of Duty games to this day, it also features a fantastic campaign that goes through many historic World War 2 battles. As for the Nazi Zombies addition, it’s still a fun diversion and the wave-based survival mode is not nearly as weird or convoluted as the modern-day incarnations.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Castle Wolfenstein

best nazi games castle wolfenstein

This actually has no relationship to id Software’s Wolfenstein series of first-person shooters apart from being the inspiration for it. Developed by Muse Software in 1981, this classic Apple 2 game is one of the earliest stealth titles as players try to find secret war plans inside the titular castle and then escape from the Nazi building. However, it’s not all sneaking around, players eventually gain access to a gun and can mow down some Nazis on their way to freedom. It’s a surprisingly full-featured game for its time and has aged relatively well because of it.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures

Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures best nazi games

Developed by Factor 5, this enjoyable action platformer came out on the Super Nintendo and covered all three of the original Indiana Jones films. That means two-thirds of the game features Indy fighting off Nazis and retrieving archaeological treasures as they play through both The Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. A port for the Sega Genesis was also finished in late 1995, but unfortunately never came out.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Metro Last Light

metro last light best nazi games

Nazis are really like cockroaches, given how not even an apocalyptic event can get rid of them. These Neo-Nazis call themselves the Fourth Reich and are’t actually comprised of Germans. Instead, they believe that pure-blooded Russians are the master race and openly mimic the Nazis way of ruling straight down to having concentration camps. While the military faction has mainly been a secondary threat in the Metro series, they appear the most in Last Light as they attempt to take over a top-secret underground military base.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | South Park The Stick of Truth

best nazi games south park stick of truth

There is a wide array of different Nazi zombies in Stick of Truth ranging from fetuses to cows that are strapped with suicide bombs. Even South Park stalwarts like Chef and the Bijou Cinema ticket operator become Nazis later in the game. It’s a great lampooning of the era the role-playing game was released in, as companies were trying to shoehorn zombies and Nazis into everything after the success of Call of Duty.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | The Saboteur

the saboteur best nazi games

Nazis serve as the entire basis of The Saboteur, as the 2009 open world action game takes place in Nazi-occupied Paris. Players have to take out the German forces in order to liberate Paris and bring color back into its stylized black-and-white world. It’s an inventive period piece with an enjoyable gameplay loop even if the gameplay can be quite clunky at times.

Best Games to Kill Nazis In | Wolfenstein series

best nazi games wolfenstein

It wouldn’t be right to make this list and not include the Wolfenstein series. The original game was an innovative first-person shooter that featured an epic boss fight against Mecha-Hitler. The series has once again risen to prominence thanks to MachineGames’ recent titles, which are all filled with outrageous moments and fantastic gunplay. Just be prepared for some fast-paced action as the series has always been one of the speediest shooters that the genre has to offer.