Wolfenstein Youngblood RTX support won’t be available at launch

When Wolfenstein Youngblood launches this Thursday, its PC version will be missing one graphical feature that’s currently unique to the platform. MachineGames confirmed that the game will not support for real time ray tracing at launch. Instead, Wolfenstein Youngblood RTX support will be coming some time later.

Wolfenstein Youngblood executive producer Jerk Gustafsson revealed the game’s lack of Nvidia RTX support in a recent interview with GamesBeat. Here, he stated that the engineers at the latter were still working on getting the featuring running.

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“We’re working together with Nvidia on that, but ray tracing won’t be available at launch,” stated Gustafsson. “The engineers at Nvidia are still hard at work getting that solution to look as good as possible for the game, and the date is still to be determined. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be good.”

Prior to this, Nvidia had touted Wolfenstein Youngblood as part of its lineup of games supporting RTX at E3 2019. Additionally, the company is also giving away copies of Wolfenstein Youngblood with every purchase of a GeForce RTX 20-series graphics card. With this in mind, the reveal that they’re still working to get ray tracing running with the game comes as quite a shock. That said, these may also indicate that the release of RTX support for the game won’t take too long.

Wolfenstein Youngblood runs on id Tech 6, same latest engine from id Software that also powered its prequel, Wolfenstein 2 the New Colossus, as well as games like Doom and the upcoming Doom Eternal. According to Gustafsson, the game is pushing said engine “pretty hard.” This seems to hint that the game will be pretty demanding even without RTX support and real-time ray tracing. Fans will find out how the game looks on PC when it launches without RTX support on July 26.