If Resident Evil 8 shows up at Gamescom 2019, here’s everything we want to see

There’s a good chance that Resident Evil 8 (or another main Resident Evil title) will be announced at this year’s Gamescom, as developer Capcom recently invited fan ambassadors to try out a mysterious project in Japan. The following are a few phenomenon we hope to see during the title’s debut if there is a Resident Evil 8 Gamescom reveal.

Resident Evil 8 at Gamescom Wish List | More enemy variety

Resident Evil 8

One of Resident Evil 7‘s biggest shortcomings is its lack of enemy variety, especially when compared to other entries in the franchise. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer many foes outside of a few Molded forms and the Baker family. In comparison, Resident Evil 2 Remake is filled to the brim with a multitude of goons including zombies, dogs, alligators, Lickers, Ivy, G-Types, and the seemingly ubiquitous Tyrant (that can be modded to wear a thong).

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Resident Evil 8 at Gamescom Wish List | New locations

Resident Evil 8

Though Resident Evil 7‘s enclosed stages help convey a sense of claustrophobia and unease, slogging from one dimly lit wooden room to another can get repetitive. Its sequel could attempt to introduce more environmental diversity, tasking players with navigating through foggy forests or dense jungles in the dead of night.

Resident Evil 8 could look to Resident Evil 5 for inspiration in this regard. The game’s African setting sees players explore shanty towns, oil fields, underground labs, power stations, mining areas, and more in order to root out the cause of a mysterious new virus. Scandinavia, South America, and the Middle East seem like perfect locations for the next Resident Evil game, as fans have yet to travel to these places and each can offer a variety of set pieces to admire.

Resident Evil 8 at Gamescom Wish List | The return of a few familiar faces

Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil mascots like Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Chris and Claire Redfield have had more than enough attention in recent years. It’s time for the franchise to shift focus to some of its lesser known characters like Rebecca Chambers, Carlos Oliveira, and Sheva Alomar, all of which have hardly been explored outside of the games in which they made their debut.

A title centered around Rebecca could see her deal with the aftermath of Resident Evil: Vendetta, containing variations of the A-virus that Glenn Arias sold to people on the black market. Carlos could return to the unnamed South American country from which he came to confirm reports of a new bio-organic weapon, while Sheva could explore the Middle East in an effort to stop more cases of the Uroboros virus from spreading.

A game revolving around underrated hero Barry Burton would be great too. Though the character is playable in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, hilarious lines like “You were almost a Jill sandwich” are always a plus and could fit in a new title in a charming, self-aware way.

Resident Evil 8 at Gamescom Wish List | A first-person perspective

Resident Evil 7 Daughters Timeline Image, Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 7 may not be perfect, but it did help rejuvenate the 23-year-old franchise with its first-person perspective back in 2017. Witnessing one’s hand being sliced open with a knife or fishing a telescope from a toilet from this point of view undoubtedly makes the whole experience significantly more traumatizing. Given the praise the game’s perspective has received and its sales success so far, it would make a lot of sense for Resident Evil 8 to feature the same viewpoint.

Capcom shouldn’t stop there, as the company should also design the next Resident Evil game with virtual reality support in mind. As one can imagine, playing Resident Evil 7 entirely with PlayStation VR and putting oneself in Ethan Winters’ shoes is unbelievably terrifying. Resident Evil 8 should retain a lot of the in-your-face elements that made the seventh entry so mesmerizing, but remove all instances of fast or sporadic movement that could cause motion sickness. You can’t be scared if you’re too busy being nauseous, after all.

Resident Evil 8 at Gamescom Wish List | More helplessness

Resident Evil 8

One can’t help but feel powerless throughout most of Resident Evil 7. A lack of weapons and supplies makes one constantly fearful of encountering any one of the deranged psychopaths that inhabit the Baker residence. Capcom could let fans know this sensation will carry over to Resident Evil 8 by giving them a brief glimpse of a sequence that will be included in the final game at this year’s Gamescom.

For instance, the short presentation could see any of the aforementioned underutilized characters above stranded in a forest with nothing but a flashlight. A monstrous sound echoes in the distance, and the player begins to run in the opposite direction until he or she reaches a dead end. The Tyrant or Nemesis-like catches up to them, and fans must figure out how to hide in the environment around them if they hope to live another day. If Capcom wants Resident Evil 8 to be just as successful as Resident Evil 7, an emphasis on helplessness is a must. Even if the game has firearms, which it almost certainly will, they probably shouldn’t be the focus. The RE2 remake was more of an action game, but it would be fantastic if RE8 could dial things back like RE7.

Of course, fans could also be treated to their first look of the inevitable Resident Evil 3 Remake at this year’s Gamescom. Witnessing Nemesis chase Jill Valentine down corridors in glorious HD is bound to delight new and old survival horror enthusiasts. If Capcom does show anything off on August 19, here’s hoping it’ll be terrifying in all the right ways.