Galarian Weezing, Zigzagoon, and Linoone aren’t the only new Galarian Pokemon forms we need

It’s no surprise that video game fans are currently obsessed with Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Galarian Weezing, as the top hat-wearing, mustached orb of poison is one of the most peculiar forms developer Game Freak has conceived so far. Zigzagoon and Linoone’s black and white Galarian incarnations are just as wonderfully bizarre. Who could have predicted the tiny raccoon Pokemon would be into Kiss music? Keeping the Galar region’s U.K. influences in mind, the following are a few Pokemon that are deserving of odd Galarian forms next.

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Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Dragonite

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Let’s be honest: when people around the world think of the U.K., they think of Harry Potter. A Galarian Dragonite could resemble the Hungarian Horntail that Mr. Potter fought during the Triwizard Tournament or the Ukrainian Ironbelly that Harry, Ron, and Hermione came face-to-face with at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. This good-natured, happy-go-lucky Pokemon has been in need of a fierce makeover for a while now. It may finally be able to show off its wild side in Sword and Shield.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Noctowl

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Game Freak could also pay homage to Harry Potter through a Galarian Noctowl, as Harry owns a pet snowy owl named Hedwig. It could be a Flying and Ice-type creature — a rarity in the Pokemon universe, seeing as how only there are only two other monsters (Articuno and Delibird) who sport the distinction. Dazzling white feathers and horns that resemble icicles could make Galarian Noctowl just as poised and elegant as Alolan Ninetales.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Ekans

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Surprisingly, the U.K. is home to a good variety of snakes including the adder, the grass snake, and the smooth snake. What makes each fascinating is how they are able to survive in the country’s damp climate. Should Game Freak want to represent any of these reptiles in Sword and Shield, it could opt to include Ekans and give it a Galarian form with Water-type moves. It should go without saying that gliding across streams and lakes on the back of a snake could be one of the most badass features ever included in a Pokemon game.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Seel

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Since the U.K. is also a great place for harbor seals, it would make sense for Game Freak to give Seel a Galarian form too. While the Pokemon should maintain its characteristic bad posture, its new incarnation could adopt grey fur and a surly temperament, as harbor seals are well-known for their aggressive behavior. Water and Fighting-type moves are a must, because who wouldn’t want to see a seal karate chop a dragon?

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Deerling

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

It’s impossible to talk about U.K. wildlife without mentioning deer. Fallow, red, roe, sika, muntjac, and water deer are some of the species nature-lovers could find whilst exploring the country. Galarian Deerling would make for the perfect representative, changing its seasonal colors to reflect all the deer that live in the UK. The new form could don red, blue, and yellow hues and little horns atop its adorable head. Game Freak could even have the Pokemon change its typing every season.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Noibat

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Given how tons of cool bat species inhabit the U.K., including Bechstein’s bat, the grey long-eared bat, and the Barbastelle, a Galarian form for Noibat seems logical. Right off the bat, Game Freak should change the Pokemon’s typing to dark and flying, as its current flying and dragon-typing makes it incredibly vulnerable to ice attacks. In terms of Noibat’s appearance, the developer should add details like a ferocious maw and sharp talons, but preserve the long ears and bright yellow eyes that make the monster unique. Galarian Noibat would be the perfect Pokemon for Sword and Shield‘s new rival, Marnie, to include in her party, as it’ll undoubtedly look just as cute and sinister as her.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Yanma

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Though the U.K. is home to a variety of dragonfly species like keeled skimmers and four-spotted chasers, two in the country — the Norfolk hawker and the white-faced darter — are endangered. In order to raise awareness for the insects, Galarian Yanma could adopt the bright yellow skin of the hawker or the red hide of the darter. This wouldn’t be the first time that Game Freak has brought attention to some of our world’s most endangered creatures, as Drowzee resembles the Malayan tapir and Krookodile resembles Northern India’s gharial crocodile.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Buneary

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Rabbits can be found all over the U.K., making Buneary a natural fit for Sword and Shield. The Pokemon’s Galarian form could represent a complete departure from its original design, emphasizing its cocky demeanor and incredible strength (the creature can crush boulders with its ears). Should Galarian Buneary inherit gigantic biceps, a chiseled body, and a handsome smirk, it’ll easy surpass Galarian Weezing as the most ridiculous form in the game.

Galarian Pokemon Forms We Need | Scrafty

Galarian Weezing, Pokemon Sword and Shield

Nothing screams punk rock more than a mean mohawk. Scrafty’s Galarian form should preserve the hoodlum Pokemon’s signature hairdo but introduce the creature to a spiky leather jacket and a pair of Tripp pants. It could go so far as to belt a tune by popular U.K. punk rock bands like the Sex Pistols or the Clash every time it enters the battlefield, but we’re unsure how much Nintendo is willing to pay for music licensing fees.

Whatever the case may be, here’s hoping that Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone have someone to start a mosh pit with when Pokemon Sword and Shield release for Switch on November 15. Let’s also keep our fingers crossed that Galarian Weezing won’t force any poor children to work in one of its factories.