Pokemon: Twilight Wings surpisingly debuts Crown Tundra special

A special Pokemon: Twilight Wings Crown Tundra episode has made a surprising debut on the franchise’s official YouTube channel. This new web anime episode features some familiar faces from the latest game and gets players hyped up for the new Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra region and its Galarian Star Tournament.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is a special anime in the Pokemon first made its debut earlier this yearfranchise that , promising a total of seven episodes for fans to watch completely for free on YouTube. This short anime series led to the creation of some great memes and aired its final monthly episode back in August 2020. Now, a surprise 8th episode has arrived to celebrate the Galarian Star Tournament in the new Crown Tundra region.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings Crown Tundra episode hypes the Galarian Star Tournament

Pokemon: Twilight Wings Crown Tundra episode Leon Charizard

The Crown Tundra is the second of two new regions in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass and made its debut a few weeks ago. As it name implies, this new region is a location filled with ice and snow — along with neat surprises such as the return of every Legendary Pokemon in the franchise. A special Pokemon: Twilight Wings Crown Tundra episode has surprisingly launched today, giving players a little more story to go with this new region from the Expansion Pass.

The episode opens with the Galar region Champion heading to the Isle of Armor to reunite with Mustard, the former Galar region Champion who runs a dojo in The Isle of Armor. The two of them have their Pokemon spar in an intense fight and Leon soon reveals an invitation to the Galarian Star Tournament. Fans are then treated to a montage of iconic characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield receiving their own invitations and enjoying their lives.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon: Twilight Wings Crown Tundra episode has launched on the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel first, so the fans who prefer an English dub will have to wait for its release on the English-language channel. Pokemon players who prefer subs can enable closed captions in Japanese and then change it to auto-translate in their language of choice via the settings. As for the game, you can travel to the Crown Tundra right now and experience all of the thrills of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Star Tournament for yourself right now.