Pokemon Wooloo memes are the best new thing about Twilight Wings

Pokemon Wooloo memes are taking the Internet by storm. The latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings has launched and it features a heartwarming story about a Wooloo Pokemon that wishes it were a Charizard, making Pokemon Sword and Shield fans laugh and cry in just a few short minutes.

The newest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings features the younger brother of the Pokemon Sword and Shield champion watching television and praising the power of Charizard. Meanwhile, he laments the relative lack of strength of his own Wooloo, causing it to run away from home in despair and breaking our hearts.

Pokemon Wooloo memes Charizard

Wooloo is soon frightened by a bunch of girls taking photos of it, causing the fluffy Pokemon to jump off of a cliff and landing in Milo’s Wooloo pen. Milo recovers our hero’s Wooloo and sends him on a journey home, eventually resulting in a heartwarming reunion.

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The six-minute short is a heartwarming tale about one of the most adorable Pokemon and fans have really taken to it, quickly cooking up a bunch of adorable Pokemon Wooloo memes. Twitter, of course, was immediately taken with some of the iconic scenes from this latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings.

The Pokemon Wooloo memes focus on both the happy moments and the sad moments of this short Twilight Wings episode, highlighting just how finely crafted this brief story truly is.

Reddit, of course, is no slouch when it comes to cooking up some amusing (and adorable!) memes of their own.

Wooloo memes never fail to brighten my day! from pokemon

Its enough tot make a grown man cry from pokemon

Clearly relatable right? from pokemon

Reddit, conversely, seems to be focusing more on the sadder aspects of the episode for some reason, although that’s sure to change as more people flex their creative muscles.

We’re sure to see more Pokemon Wooloo memes emerge throughout the day, especially since a lot more people are stuck home with not a lot to do. For now, you can see the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings for yourself below. Just make sure you have a box of tissues at hand.