The Undertale Sans skin and other Smash Ultimate Mii costumes that should be actual fighters

While Nintendo’s announcement of Terry Bogard for Smash Ultimate last week was met with some disappointment, fans everywhere rejoiced when they found out that Undertale‘s Sans will be represented in the game via a new Mii costume. Given the positive reception, one can’t help but imagine how people would have reacted if Sansy was announced as a full-fledged fighter. Like the Undertale Sans Smash Ultimate skin, the following are all the Mii costumes in Smash Ultimate that should be a part of the game’s actual roster.

Smash Ultimate Mii Costumes That Should’ve Been Fighters | Sans (Undertale)

Smash Ultimate

Undertale’s Sans could be a pretty hilarious projectile-based fighter in Smash Ultimate, as his neutrals and specials could have him toss bones, ketchup, and trombones at his enemies. When foes get too close, the character can teleport out of the way or manipulate gravity to jump high. For his Final Smash move, Sans can summon a parade of Gaster Blasters onto the stage. As players reap calamity, Sans should sport the same big, mischievous smile that Undertale fans around the world know him for. Papyrus would be so proud.

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Smash Ultimate Mii Costumes That Should’ve Been Fighters | Zero (Mega Man X)

Smash Ultimate

Seeing as how Mega Man X‘s Zero is already a fighter in many of Capcom’s fighting franchises, including Marvel vs. Capcom, SNK vs. Capcom, and Onimusha Blade Warriors, it makes sense for the character to appear in Smash Ultimate. Zero could utilize a lot of the same moves he has in his other guest appearances. His Vortex Dash, Hyper Ground Pound, and Air Dive attacks, for instance, could translate well. For his Final Smash, the character could use his Hyper Zero Buster to launch everyone on the stage into the air, then finish them all off with the long range Genmu Zero move. With the character already regarded as a venerable fighter among fans of the genre, his appearance in Smash Ultimate would only make the game even better.

Smash Ultimate Mii Costumes That Should’ve Been Fighters | Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Smash Ultimate

Xenoblade Chronicles 2‘s protagonist, Rex, could work a lot like Xenoblade Chronicles‘ Shulk in that he could switch between buffs in the middle of battle. For instance, when Rex chooses his Pyra blade, his neutral attacks could do more damage, and while on Mythra mode, his agility could increase. The character’s smash attacks could reflect whatever weapon he currently has equipped, allowing players to alternate between fire or lightning-based attacks in a moment’s notice. Rex can combine Pyra and Mythra’s abilities together for his Final Smash, allowing him to unleash the power of the Pneuma blade. Bandai Namco Studios already has the foundation to make Rex a compelling, easy-to-learn fighter in Smash. It just needs to give this young Driver a chance.

Smash Ultimate Mii Costumes That Should’ve Been Fighters | Spring Man and Ribbon Girl (ARMS)

Smash Ultimate

ARMS‘ Spring Man and Ribbon Girl could be one of Smash Ultimate‘s most dangerous ranged fighters. Players could throw their elongated fists in nearly every direction, interrupting another fighter’s attack from afar. The characters could be just as terrifying up close, as they could launch devastating uppercut moves that send foes flying even if their damage counter is low. For their Final Smash move, the pair could carry out a barrage of punches toward their opponents, just like the they do in their game. With Splatoon‘s Inklings now a part of the franchise, in seems appropriate for Nintendo’s newest mascots to make their debut too.

Smash Ultimate Mii Costumes That Should’ve Been Fighters | K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing)

Smash Ultimate

Hear us out on this one. If Animal Crossing‘s Villager and Isabelle can make their way into Smash, then K.K. Slider — a known rebel in the franchise’s universe — could join too. Many of Slider’s moves could revolve around his iconic guitar, as players could bash other Nintendo mascots over the head with it or sing songs to put them to sleep. For the character’s Final Smash, he could put on a concert and summon a wave of stampeding fans across the battlefield. K.K. Slider in Smash Ultimate would be an excellent way to promote Animal Crossing New Horizons before it launches next year. Make it happen, Sakurai.

Smash Ultimate Mii Costumes That Should’ve Been Fighters | Issac (Golden Sun)

Smash Ultimate

Golden Sun‘s Issac is one frequently-requested Nintendo mascot that Bandai Namco Studios has yet to make a playable fighter in Smash. While a large portion of his moves could revolve around his sword, Issac could also wield a variety of magical Psynergy attacks in battle. Whirlwind, for instance, can push foes away before they come in close, while Sap can target a nearby opponent and drain his or her health. During his Final Smash, Issac can utilize the deadly Venus element to cast a curse on every combatant on the battlefield. The spell could slowly inflict damage for the reminder of the fray. With Ridley, King K. Rool, and even Banjo-Kazooie in the game, it’s about time this classic franchise was revisited.

There’s hope that some of these characters will become full-blown fighters in the near future, as some playable mascots like Link, Samus, and Star Fox have Mii costumes. That’s not to mention the fact that there are more DLC fighters for Smash Ultimate on the way. Having characters like Sans and Ribbon Girl join the fray with their unique skill sets intact will help make the title even more exciting. Of course, more Undertale tracks are always welcome, too.