Smash Ultimate 12.0 patch adds Kayuza to the roster

The new Super Smash Bros Ultimate Kayuza fighter arrives in the Smash Ultimate 12.0 update, which goes live today for most of the world and tomorrow in Europe. The Smash Bros Ultimate Kazuya update brings the Tekken fighter to the game for the first time, who was revealed in the Nintendo E3 Direct livestream earlier this month. The full Smash Ultimate 12.0 patch notes can be found below.

Smash Ultimate 12.0 update patch notes

Smash Ultimate 12.0

The 12.0 patch notes for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will likely include a few fixes, but here are all the points revealed so far:

  • Kazuya Mishima joins the battle! (part of Challenger Pack 10 paid DLC)
  • New stage added: Mishima Dojo (part of Challenger Pack 10 paid DLC)
  • Additional Mii Fighter costumes, available as paid DLC

The biggest addition, of course, is the inclusion of Tekken’s hulking Kuzuya Mishima, who debuted in the original Tekken game in 1994 but hasn’t made an appearance in Nintendo’s Smash Bros series until now. Kuzuya will be the second-to-last fighter released for Smash Bros Ultimate, as Nintendo has said there will only be one more fighter in the Fighters Pass Vol 2. In addition, there will be one new stage added too, Mishima Dojo, which can be seen in the tweet below.

Alongside Kazuya, the 12.0 update will also add four Mii Fighter costumes to the game based on much-requested characters Dante from Devil May Cry, Shantae, Skyrim’s Dragonborn, and Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd — something that has deeply upset fans of Dante who were hoping to see him as the final fighter DLC.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate update 12.0, along with Kazuya, the Mishima Dojo stage, and these four controversial Mii Fighter costumes will be added today for most of the world and tomorrow in Europe. The big question now is whether there’s a chance for a Fighters Pass Vol 3, or whether Nintendo is finally done with Super Smash Bros Ultimate two and a half years after its “smashing” release.