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Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 3: Will there be a third pass?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now has 1o DLC fighters, though fans are still eager for more playable characters. Masahiro Sakurai has already given confirmation that the next competitor will be the last to feature in Fighter Pass 2. So, what does that mean for the future of Smash Bros. Ultimate downloadable content? Is Nintendo planning to release a Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 3? Here’s the lowdown on a third Fighter Pass for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite brawler.

Is there a third Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass?

Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 3

There’s still more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC to come, as the second Fighter Pass contains one more character. Nintendo has no plans to release Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 3, however, as there “won’t be any more” downloadable characters following Challenger Pack 11.

It isn’t yet known which character will be the final addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Challenger Pack 11 will release as a standalone download, and also as part of Fighter Pack 2, before the end of the year. Speculation is already running rife, as ever, though hopefully, it’s a big hitter to send the game out with a bang.

Smash Ultimate came out back in 2018 and has received regular post-launch support ever since. Although it’s disappointing that there are no plans for a Fighter Pack 3, this eventuality was inevitable. It isn’t yet known what project Sakurai and the team might move onto next, though it’d be hard for any potential Smash Bros. sequel to top Ultimate. The latest Smash title is true to its name, so where the series might go from there is anyone’s guess.

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