Couchmaster Cycon Review | PC gaming made comfortable

This Couchmaster Cycon review process has been a pretty simple one. First, I spent five minutes unboxing and hooking up my various devices, and then I just started playing a bunch of games. I’d be saving some big AAA releases for testing this product, so I was eager to get started. Thankfully, this is a product that works right out of the box with no frustrating steps to follow or drivers to install and configure. Clearly my first impressions were positive, but how do I feel after 50+ hours of use? Here’s my full review. 

Couchmaster Cycon Review | Relax, NerdyTec’s got this!

Couchmaster Cycon Review

With the Couchmaster range of products, NerdyTec has attempted to bring the enhanced experience of PC gaming to the couch. In theory, it combines the comfort of console gaming with the precision of playing with a keyboard and mouse. If you’re not a fan of using a controller with your PC, especially for those competitive shooters which demand aiming with a mouse, but you want to relax on a couch instead of sitting upright at a desk, then a Couchmaster product should be on your radar. 

The Couchmaster Cycon’s components come together to surround the user with comfort on all sides. You’ve got the main lapboard itself, along with two side cushions. You supply your own keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals, which plug into the lapboard’s USB 3.0 ports. A 5m extension then plugs into your PC. This cable feels thick and rugged enough to survive getting trodden on, but obviously that should be avoided. Build quality is very solid, though the product is light enough to be easily moved by both adults and children. You won’t feel trapped inside your epic new gaming fort!

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Some nice bonus extras include a little pocket for storing a mouse when it’s not in use. There are also holders for your phone and/or unopened drink cans. A generous supply of velcro is also supplied in the box, which is great to see.

Couchmaster Cycon Review | God-tier couch gaming

Couchmaster Cycon Review

So, once it’s all unboxed and set up, what’s it like to actually game on the Couchmaster Cycon? For me, the experience was awesome. I’d connected my PC up to my 65” 4K TV, had my favorite keyboard and mouse working perfectly with no perceptible lag, and I was playing PC games in a totally relaxed position.

Apex Legends was flawless, with keyboard and mouse controls allowing for accurate aiming. I then moved on to Gears 5, which I was playing for review. I spent the 12 hours of the campaign using the Couchmaster Cycon and it was bliss. I didn’t have to sacrifice display size and comfort for keyboard and mouse controls, as I had the best of both worlds with the Cycon. 

Couchmaster Cycon Review | A bright future ahead

Couchmaster Cycon Review

I feel like the Couchmaster is going to become an even more sought-after product as display technology improves. You see, while it was awesome to be playing on a big-screen display, I was limited to just 60 FPS through the 60 Hz panel. However, with Nvidia now pushing out its BFGD 65” 4K 120 Hz HDR low input lag monitors, it’s only a matter of time before gaming on a couch can totally match, or even surpass, the desktop experience. 

It’s also worth mentioning that both the PS4 and Xbox One now support keyboard and mouse inputs, meaning a product like the Couchmaster Cycon could also aid console gamers in new titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Couchmaster Cycon Review | Small niggles

Couchmaster Cycon Review

While I have loved my time with the Couchmaster Cycon, I do have a few complaints. First, there are the screws which prevent access to the Lapboard’s USB 3.0 hub. These make swapping components in and out a little more inconvenient than I feel is necessary. Accessing this without needing the (provided) screwdriver would be a lot better. 

Then there’s the power adapter that is sold separately. Although I didn’t need it for my peripherals, some users will require it for more powerful devices. If you want to charge your phone, while using up the majority of the USB ports, then you’ll need that additional bit of power. It would have been nice to get that included, but perhaps I’m asking for too much.

Couchmaster Cycon Review | Leave the desk behind

Couchmaster Cycon Review

Coming in at $159, the Couchmaster Cycon is by no means a small investment, but if you’ve got your heart set on a PC gaming setup that’s playable from a couch, then paying that bit extra for the convenience this product provides is potentially worth it. 

I should also note that, if you feel that you can do without the side cushions, the Couchmaster Lapboard is available for $99. For me, however, the side cushions are a must-have to keep the lapboard raised in a comfortable position, especially when sitting on a three-seater. If you’re going to be sat in a lounge chair, with armrests on either side of you, then maybe the side cushions aren’t necessary.

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With the Couchmaster Cycon, NerdyTec has created one of the most comfortable couch gaming solutions out there. If you’re tired of sitting at a desk while you binge games for hours and hours on end, but don’t want to make any sacrifices in visual quality or input accuracy, then you should definitely take a look at the Cycon and other products in the Couchmaster range.

Couchmaster Cycon review unit was provided by Nerdytec

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