Nvidia’s 65-Inch “Gaming TV” Looks to Replace Your TV and PC Monitor

At CES 2018, Nvidia announced its first “gaming TV” that is coming this year. Not to be confused with a PC monitor, the TV bridges the gap between low latency monitors and large, centerpiece living room TV’s as a 65-inch dedicated gaming screen for all of your computer and console needs.

Hilariously named the Nvidia BFGD, this Big Format Gaming Display clearly derives its name from the classic DOOM weapon, noting its ability to act as both your main TV and your PC monitor. If you’ve ever lamented the fact that you can’t get most dedicated PC monitors bigger than 30 or so inches, this is just for you.

The Nvidia BFGD features everything you’d expect from a 2018 gaming monitor including G-Sync, native 120Hz refresh rate, low latency, true HDR, variable frame rate, and 4K resolution. On top of all that, the BFGD includes Nvidia’s own proprietary Shield streaming service right out of the box.

Nvidia Shield

The Android-powered Nvidia Shield included will allow the BFGD to give consumers access to everything you’d expect and want from a modern high-end smart TV and more. Though mostly known for its game streaming service, the Shield also supports your expected video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, native Kodi support, and a lot more.

In addition, the Nvidia BFGD will have the game streaming capabilities of the Shield included as well. This will make playing games through your computer or Google Play a breeze on your fancy new 65-inch 4K screen. The BFGD will launch later this year, beginning its first shipments in the summer.

Unfortunately, no specific release date or price was announced, but given the nature of the Nvidia BFGD, you can expect it to be on the high-end of 4K TV’s and monitors alike. For more on the Nvidia Shield streaming service included in the BFGD, check this out.