Nvidia GeForce Now Lets You Turn Your Mac into a “Powerful Gaming PC” for Free

Nvidia has just released GeForce Now for Mac users. For those that don’t know, GeForce Now is a service that was previously available for Nvidia Shield owners to play a library of select PC games using cloud-based streaming technology. That same cloud service is now available for Mac owners in the just released open beta.

While Nvidia GeForce Now costs $7.99 per month for Shield users, the Mac version is currently completely free. This deal will last until it comes out of open beta. Neither an official release date for the full version nor what its price will be have been determined yet by Nvidia.

In the meantime, you can head here on your Mac to download the open beta version of Nvidia GeForce Now to get started. It works by connecting your Mac to a “powerful GeForce GTX gaming PC in the cloud”, utilizing that PC to power any game that you play through the service.

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Because of this, almost any Mac is able to run intense games like Destiny 2 and Overwatch at even the highest graphical settings. You can check the full list of tested Mac computers that are certain to work on the service here. Notably, there are many iMac’s and Macbook’s that are known to work ranging from the latest models to even ones released back in 2009 as long as they are updated to OS version 10.10.

Destiny 2 Nvidia GeForce

However, in order to successfully play these games, it does require a relatively speedy Internet connection that is either wired or using a 5GHz wireless router at all times. The minimum required speed to use Nvidia GeForce Now is 25Mbps, but it is recommended that you have 50Mbps or higher.

Since Nvidia GeForce Now turns your Mac into a Windows-based PC, you are actually able to play some games that aren’t even available on Mac like Rime. There are more than 100 total games fully supported through the cloud service, with more on the way. It’s worth noting that you must own any game before you can play it, but there are some free games supported like Smite.