Was the PS5 announcement exciting or disappointing? | GR Radio

We’re back with another episode of GR Radio, the official GameRevolution talk show discussing the biggest topics in the gaming industry.

This week, the GR team discusses the surprisingly muted PS5 announcement after Sony officially revealed that the console is launching in late 2020. With Sony revealing that the PlayStation 5’s controller will boast haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, was this under-the-radar reveal underwhelming, or should we be excited by these new details?

Elsewhere, Doom Eternal‘s release date was pushed back into March 2020, and the GR team is divided on whether or not this is a good thing for the FPS. Despite it being our game of the show at E3 2019, will it be overshadowed by the numerous big games that are releasing around it, or will this extra development time pay off for the sequel?

We also dive into the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion, discuss our reviews of Indivisible and Concrete Genie, and discuss how I recently had to watch two fish die in my aquarium. RIP in peace.

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