PS5 teardown video is mocked by Xbox on Twitter

PS5 teardown video was posted by PlayStation earlier today and it took less than 20 minutes before the internet started roasting Sony’s newest console. One of the biggest issues raised was moving the PS5 from vertical to horizontal, and Xbox responded by mocking its hardware rival on Twitter.

There’s just over a month to go until the PS5 and Xbox Series X launch and both companies have been highlighting their advantages. Sony, for example, will be including a free game bundled with every PS5 console. Sony has also released a PS5 teardown video as part of the lead-up to launch, revealing that the console’s stand and plates can be removed — but it’s not an easy process.

The PS5 teardown video shows how hard it is to remove the stand

The PS5 will be making use of a removable stand to hold the console in place for both its vertical and horizontal orientations. While the horizontal orientation simply snaps on, switching the console to its vertical orientation requires a fair amount of work; future PS5 owners can get a glimpse of the challenge in the video above (via PlayStation Blog).

Removing the PS5 stand first requires that players turn the console on its side and remove a single large screw. The screw must then be placed into a storage receptacle on the underside of the stand. After that, a black cap must be removed from the stand and used to cover the hole on the underside of the PS5. The stand has to be rotated to cover up the storage area, and the process is completed by snapping the stand onto a specific area when the console is in a horizontal orientation.

The sheer amount of work involved in switching a PS5 from vertical to horizontal orientation led some people to roast the PS5 teardown video on Twitter, and Xbox jumped in with a tweet of its own describing how to place the Xbox Series X horizontally:

Switching from vertical to horizontal isn’t the only difficulty with the PS5; with the amount of usable storage space still not officially concerned, players might have to invest in an external SSD to expand their storage — an option that is also available on the Xbox Series X.

Why is so difficult to switch the PS5’s orientation? From what we’ve seen in the PS5 teardown video, it seems that the console’s curvy shape isn’t ideal for resting on a flat surface without a stand. It’s a far cry from how easy it is to switch the PS4 (or the Xbox Series X, for that matter), but at least the PS5’s stand can be removed.