Retro Ad Replay – Golden Sun: Dark Dawn’s 9th Anniversary

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In this November 29 edition of Retro Ad Replay, we’re traveling back nine years in time to when Golden Sun: Dark Dawn launched. November 29, 2010 was the day that those in North America got their hands on the game, with it releasing on the Nintendo DS. This RPG was developed by Camelot Software Planning for Nintendo, and it is exclusively available on Nintendo hardware.

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is the third game in the series, following on from 2001’s Golden Sun and 2002’s Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The third installment is set thirty years after The Lost Age, with the playable characters being the descendants of past games’ heroes. These gifted children possess a power called “Psynergy” and must work together to save the world of Weyard. Of course, their journey isn’t easy, as they have to battle monsters and other enemies in turn-based combat. Little creatures called “djinns” help in fights, buffing allies and combining together to make for powerful summons.

You can watch the Golden Sun: Dark Dawn E3 2010 announcement trailer below (via GamesAbyssE3 on YouTube):

In GameRevolution’s Golden Sun: Dark Dawn review, writer Josh Laddin spoke highly of the game’s “still solid” formula, the “good old puzzle solving,” and “much fancier summons.” It achieved a 3.5 out of 5.

It’s been nine years since Golden Sun fans have had a new experience to enjoy. Perhaps there’s still hope for a Golden Sun 4 game to appear on the new Nintendo Switch, but only time will tell!