Everything we learned in the latest Resident Evil 3 remake trailer

The latest Resident Evil 3 remake trailer contains more information than it may seem at first glance. Along with the new screenshots released today, the trailer includes a gold mine of knowledge on what the remake will be like.

The devs behind RE3 remake said the game would contain more changes than RE2 remake did, and it looks like they weren’t exaggerating. Today’s trailer and images show new locations, characters with expanded roles, and more. Of course, these are only glimpses into what we may see in the final game, though some of my earlier predictions for the game seem to be spot on. Regardless, please take the following educated guesses on what we’ll experience in Resident Evil 3 remake with a grain of salt.

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Nemesis will have more forms and more weapons

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Mask

The original version of Nemesis had (roughly) three forms:

  • Trenchcoated Nemesis
  • Shirtless Nemesis (post-Clock Tower)
  • Big blob Nemesis (Final fight)

In the trailer, we can see Nemmy wearing a little gimp mask in addition to his iconic trench coat. Also, of note, we can now clearly see that Nemesis wears a protective covering around his massive heart. In fact, that heart looks so big, that Nemesis might actually be based on the T-002 Tyrant series as opposed to the T-103 series that Mr. X is a part of. It’d be interesting if it’s revealed that Umbrella somehow salvaged T-001 or T-002 after the Arklay incident and created Nemesis by introducing the NE-a parasite to revitalize the corpse.

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Nemesis Flamethrower

We’ll also see Nemesis use more weaponry in the RE3 remake. In addition to his rocket launcher, Nemmy will sport a flamethrower. It appears the tank for the fuel will be mounted on his back, likely serving as a weak spot during a fight.

Carlos will find Jill on the streets of Raccoon City

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Carlos and Jill

In the original Resident Evil 3, you can meet Carlos at either the restaurant or the newspaper building. He’ll simply appear at whichever one you go to first. However, in the latest trailer, Carlos is seen meeting Jill for the first time on one of the streets of Raccoon City.

I would guess for consistency’s sake, Carlos will always meet Jill in the same place in the remake. It looks like he saves her while she’s fighting Nemesis, though it may still be a randomized event.

The UBCS will definitely visit the RPD

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer RPD

Carlos and Tyrell Patrick are shown entering the RPD in the trailer. Obviously, they’re searching for something. One theory could be that they’re trying to gain access to the communications equipment in the STARS Office since Tyrell seems to be using the computer in that location in one of the scenes shown in the trailer. They may also be searching for survivors or someone in particular.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Carlos’s new playable segments is located in and around the RPD. Capcom could do some exciting things by having you visit the station as Jill and Carlos at separate times. It’ll be fascinating to see what mechanics they come up with. Maybe we’ll see some limited zapping in effect.

The subway replaces the cable car and adds more to explore

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Subway Station

The antiquated cable car seen in the original Resident Evil 3 has been replaced by a subway line. We got a peek at this in the first trailer, but the latest one definitely confirms the subway as one of the locations we’ll visit.


As you can see in the above PR image, the Redstone Street Station will feature an underground area containing shops, such as a newsstand. We’ll likely have to explore these depths in order to get the subway train moving again.

There will be more civilian survivors

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Subway Survivors

While we don’t know what part they play in the story, we can definitely see civilians in several subway shots in the trailer. This seems to indicate that the UBCS will not only be less shady in the remake, but they’ll also likely be more competent. We can also probably make the assumption that the surviving force of UBCS soldiers is likely more substantial than just Carlos, Nikolai, Tyrell, and Murphy (sort of), at least at the beginning of the game. You come across a lot of UBCS corpses in the original RE3, and I bet we’ll see how at least a few of them met their fate.

Given the fact that we see around three civilians during the course of the original Resident Evil 3, all of which die, the presence of these survivors may have significant ramifications. If more people survive the Raccoon City incident, it may change the course of the later stages of the game. Beyond that, it could end up having a major impact on the lore of the series, which may affect the upcoming Resident Evil 8.

The power substation is bigger and will definitely be a key story location


There’s a PR image showing what we can assume is the Raccoon Electrical Substation. It’s easy to overlook since it’s in the background, behind Nemesis as he’s preparing to fire his rocket launcher. While the substation hasn’t been featured prominently in any material that’s been revealed yet, the map that’s included with the Resident Evil 3 remake collector’s edition shows that the location has been expanded considerably. On the same map, which appears to be made by Carlos, the substation is circled and captioned with the text, “something strange afoot, warrants further investigation.”

Well, in this trailer, we can see what the map is talking about. The substation appears to be covered in some sort of goop or webbing. We’ll likely find some kind of nasty bug creatures here. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the spiders that were missing from Resident Evil 2 remake here given how much of a fuss fans made about their exclusion. It’d be a memeable move for Capcom just to give them a whole location in the RE3 remake.

The Carlos hospital sequence is still in

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Hospital Hallway

We saw Carlos doing his hero thing in the hospital in the trailer. We can assume that he still has to procure the T-Virus vaccine for Jill. Carlos still carries his M4 rifle as a primary weapon and faces off against Hunters and zombies.

It’s entirely possible the hospital section might be expanded, especially since Tyrell Patrick seems to be playing a more significant part in RE3 remake than he did in the original. Showing that Patrick is essentially a double agent at this part of the game should have a bigger impact since we’ll get to know the character much better. As such, we’ll probably see the sub-plot with the Umbrella Supervisors and Monitors expanded, and it’ll likely come to a head at the hospital, just as it did in the original.

The hospital is getting a makeover


For being at the epicenter of a zombie outbreak, Raccoon General Hospital doesn’t look too bad off in the original Resident Evil 3. Sure there’s some zombies, some Hunters, and a bit of detritus, but it’s incredibly well-lit. There’s really no sign of what must have been an absolute bloodbath as more and more patients turned into the undead.

As much nostalgia as I have for the original hospital design, I’m glad to see that the hospital is getting a makeover. The brief shots we see in the trailer show dark hallways, with blood punctuating the sterile white tile. You can also see some debris and trash bags that make it look more like you would imagine a hospital in this situation would.

Decisions might still be in, albeit in a different form

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Nemmy hit by car

The rumor has been going around that the decision system has been removed from Resident Evil 3 remake because of a poorly worded sentence in an interview with the game’s producer. I think this trailer shows that the exact opposite is true.

At the end of the latest RE3 remake trailer, you can see Jill drive a car into Nemesis, pushing him off of a parking garage. The vehicle then crashes down into him, which seems to have done a bit of damage.

Resident Evil 3 remake Nemesis Trailer Nemmy getting up

The above sequence seems to be ripe for the kind of decision making we saw in the original. Imagine this car sequence playing out somewhat as the Clock Tower decision did. Maybe you can choose to drive into him, which knocks him off the building and weakens him in the next fight. Alternatively, perhaps you can throw a brick on the gas pedal and use the car as a distraction so you can push him off the edge. One decision would lead to a fight with a weakened Nemesis, while the other would give you a chance to run.

If they are included, I don’t see you making decisions through a text menu like the original game. Instead, I think the ability to interact with the environment will be there, and you’ll have a limited amount of time to get in the right position and pull off the plan.