Resident Evil 3 remake won’t include multiple endings, will have more open spaces

Resident Evil 3 remake will, of course, have some changes from the original source material. Some of these differences will be more popular than others, though. In an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK, RE3 remake producer Peter Fabiano confirms that the game won’t feature multiple endings like the original did.

When asked if the Resident Evil 3 remake would have multiple endings, Fabiano’s answer is a plain and emphatic, “No.” This isn’t too big of a loss, though. Resident Evil 3 only really has two endings (though you can trigger a slight variation on one of them), and the only difference between them is who flies the chopper out of Raccoon City at the end of the game.

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The most significant change coming with Resident Evil 3 remake that we know of so far is how we’ll encounter Nemesis. In the interview, Fabiano describes the game as being more open than the original, and this is for good cause as it sounds like you might run into Nemesis at any time:

“Resident Evil 3 [remake] has more open spaces, and one of the things that makes Nemesis so frightening is that he is relentless, and you never know when or where he might show up.”

Seeing as Nemesis uses an improved version of Mr. X’s AI from Resident Evil 2 remake, he should make a formidable foe indeed. It isn’t clear yet whether or not you’ll be able to take him down temporarily like you could in the original, or if he’ll be like Mr. X in RE2 remake and only pause momentarily before picking back up the chase. Despite the rumors going around, this interview didn’t confirm that the decision system wouldn’t be making a comeback, so we may see an implementation of that in a new form as well.

We’ll get to see for ourselves what Resident Evil 3 remake is like soon. The game releases on April 3, 2020, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK via Reddit]