It’s Delay-pocalypse but we’re not DOOMed yet | GR Radio

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In this week’s GR Radio, Michael is finally allowed to talk to us about his time at Doom Eternal‘s preview event, where he got to spend a number of hours with the game along with interviewing its Creative Director Hugo Martin. Michael has been bursting at the seams to tell everyone about Doom Eternal, and we finally let him loose to disclose everything he knows about id’s upcoming FPS sequel.

Along with letting loose about his thoughts on Doom Eternal thus far, Michael also shares some interesting info from his time spent with Hugo Martin, including the director indirectly referencing the viral Polygon gameplay clip and the critical consensus surrounding Doom 2016.

The Game Revolution team also discusses the ‘Delay-pocalypse’ and our thoughts on where this leaves the 2020 gaming calendar, after Dying Light 2 was revealed as the latest game to have its release date pushed back.

Watch this week’s GR Radio below:

GR Radio timestamps

  • 00:00:00: Disintegration beta giveaway details
  • 00:01:37: Everything you need to know about Doom Eternal
  • 00:22:19: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot review
  • 00:32:00: Speaking Simulator is basically an anxiety attack
  • 00:36:36: Mack’s been drawing boobs and willies in Concrete Genie
  • 00:39:00: Apex Legend‘s Grand Soiree update
  • 00:40:57: Joe Biden slams violent video games
  • 00:48:47: Dying Light 2 delayed indefinitely
  • 00:52:03: Horizon Zero Dawn PC port causes controversy
  • 00:56:26: Mortal Kombat animated movie announced
  • 01:00:28: The Order: 1886 sequel rumored
  • 01:04:34: Godfall gameplay trailer leaked