Tell GR | What 3D Mario game remaster most deserves to be replayed?

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Multiple 3D Mario remasters are reportedly coming later this year to coincide with the series’ 35th anniversary, as Nintendo is said to be gearing up for a Super Mario All-Stars 2 collection. This collection will apparently include remasters of Super Mario 64Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine, doing the same for the 3D Mario games that the original All-Stars collection did for the platforming hero’s 2D games.

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But which 3D Mario game would you most like to replay? Which of these remakes/remasters would you be most excited to see, and how do you hope Nintendo changes them from their original incarnations? Here are our picks, and leave your own selection in the comments section below.


Mario 64 remastered would be like drinking bottled nostalgia”

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: Super Mario Galaxy is the best 3D Mario game of all time, but I’m most interested in seeing a remaster of Super Mario 64. Super Mario Odyssey sent us to an updated vision of Peach’s Castle and it’s one of the highlights of the entire game, so a remaster of Mario 64 that modernizes all of its levels would be like drinking bottled nostalgia.

Mario 64 is one of very few Mario games that I’ve never completed, as I never owned a Nintendo 64 as a kid so I came to the party quite late. By the time I played it properly, its wonky camera and dated controls made it difficult to enjoy. That would all change with a remaster that brought it up to speed with modern games, and while it’d be difficult for it to compete with Mario Galaxy‘s ingenuity, I’m incredibly interested to see how 2020’s technology would improve this 1996 classic.

“I want another shot at Super Mario Sunshine

Mack Ashworth, UK lead editor: I’m looking forward to revisiting Super Mario Sunshine. It’s the only (mainline) 3D Mario game that I didn’t complete, so I’d like another shot at it, especially on the portable Switch.

I recall being put off by some of Sunshine’s tougher platforming sections. I’m hoping that my skills have improved since then.

Odyssey set a new benchmark for how 3D Mario games can look and play, so I’m looking forward to seeing classic titles revamped to that standard. I just hope they aren’t priced too wildly!

“If they changed the controls and camera, Mario 64 would feel really fresh”

tell gr mario 64 2

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: I’d love to play Super Mario 64 remastered; that was the first game I owned for Nintendo 64, and it’s been about 25 years since I played through it. If they improved the controls and camera a bit for a Switch version, I think it’d still feel really fresh.

I’m also excited about Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve played the first hour or so of both but never got to finish them. I’m really hoping Nintendo uses the Joy-Con’s motion-sensing for like the second time to emulate the Wiimote for Super Mario Galaxy. I feel like that’s the perfect title to show off just how much cool stuff Joy-Cons can do. I always forget they have any capabilities past acting as standard controllers because 1-2-Switch is about the only title they showed them off in.

What’d be really awesome, though, is if Nintendo did a new Super Mario All-Stars. This is wishful thinking, but it’d be sweet to have all the main series Mario games on one cartridge (or download) up to Odyssey. Seeing as Nintendo is reluctant to start a Virtual Console service for Switch (aside from Switch Online games), I’d settle with them offering Mario and their other franchises in some sort of bundle.

“I’m curious to see if Sunshine still ‘sucks'”


Michael Leri, lead writer: Odyssey was the only 3D Mario I’ve ever truly played or finished so I can’t technically revisit any of them since I was a deprived kid that never owned his own Nintendo console until now. However, I think I’m most excited for the Galaxy games.

Both look like such radically inventive takes on the genre that will probably still hold up today. The team literally flipped the genre on its head and there’s something timeless about a good Nintendo-developed title. That applies to the vibrant art style that didn’t need HD visuals to stand out, but will greatly benefit from them. I’m looking forward to the other remasters too — especially 3D World — but something tells me that the Galaxy games will be the best of the bunch.

While I’m not as amped to play it, I’m wondering how Sunshine will be received. It’s often ridiculed as the worst mainline Mario game so I’m curious if time has been kind to it or if it still “sucks.” Some stank doesn’t wash away with time, but times do change.