The GR Show | Is the PS5 DualSense controller ugly or awesome?

The GR Show is a weekly Twitch talk show where the Game Revolution team reviews the latest upcoming releases, discusses the biggest news stories, and shares exclusive footage of the most talked-about games.

Sony has unveiled the PS5’s DualSense controller and people have had a lot to say about it. An unusual hybrid of a DualShock and an Xbox controller, the DualSense might have that ’80s sci-fi movie chic, but it also looks like a bit like a Stormtrooper wearing a low-cut shirt.

Opinions are divided on the hardware, and the Game Revolution team sits on both sides of the aisle. But is this controller a disaster that’s going to be covered in our awful hand grease sooner rather than later? In this week’s GR Show, Michael, Mack, and Paul offer their thoughts on the odd new device.

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