TonysKindaWeird joins the Game Revolution Stream Team!

The Game Revolution Stream Team is proud to reveal its newest member, TonysKindaWeird. Tony will now be streaming to the Game Revolution Twitch channel, bringing his high-energy variety streams to Your Favorite Twitch Channel™.

GR continues to provide our Twitch viewers with a little something for everyone, from our early morning Animal Crossing streams through to our weekly talk show The GR Show and more. Tony will be working with Game Revolution to entertain our viewers throughout each week, and you can also check him out on his personal Twitch channel right here.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from TonysKindaWeird’s streams:

What kind of content do you stream? 

Call of Duty: Warzone. Apex Legends. Retro SNES & NES. Animal Crossing. Rainbow Six Siege. Zelda. Variety streaming retro to current-gen.

How would you describe your personality to viewers, and why would they want to watch you?

I’m not the world’s best gamer and I don’t try to hide it. I keep a lively conversation going with the chatroom, get creative with the greenscreen when it’s needed, and always try to provide a fun, positive viewing for people to escape to.

What unique qualities do you bring to the table for the Stream Team?

I’m not afraid to dive into some really weird games that you don’t see anyone else playing. Sure, you’ll see me in the Warzone most of the time, but sometimes I will dive into my own escape and you can find me playing some Disneyland Adventures, or I may just be staring into the camera waiting for something amazing to happen. You really never know what’s going to end up happening around here, and I keep things unpredictable as often as possible.

What do you hope viewers will get out of watching you? 

The world is a dumpster fire as of late. I hope that my streams can just provide someone with a little escape from all of that. We aim to bring some laughs and funny outlooks on things. Hoping viewers leave feeling a little refreshed and better about things.

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