MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review | ‘Custom next-gen experience’

MEGAMODZ XBOX SERIES X CONTROLLER REVIEW. Last year, I came away impressed by the Macro Remap controller, and so I reached out to MegaModz about its plans for next-gen consoles. Xbox Series X is the first system that the company is focusing on, with various controller customization choices available. Currently, there’s a rather limited choice when it comes to official Xbox Series X pad colors, so it’s great to see MegaModz moving quickly to satisfy demand. This is the GameRevolution MegaModz Xbox Series X controller review.

Make it your own

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review

As mentioned, MegaModz has been quick to offer many different customization options for the Xbox Series X controller. Other companies are still figuring out the logistics and getting their method down, so it’s impressive to see MegaModz ahead of the curve.

For the Xbox Series X controllers, users can customize the body, back, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, ABXY buttons, view/menu/share buttons, thumbstick, and grip panels.

The “Build Your Own” configurator is easy-to-use and allows for designs like below to be created quickly:

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review

Retro vibes

There are many different options to choose from and it can be tough to narrow down a choice. I ultimately wanted a retro look, while retaining the clean white vibe of the Xbox Series S console. I settled on a majority of Crystal Clear parts combined with a Robot White back.

Here is how to make the controller I chose:

  • Bumpers: Crystal Clear
  • Triggers: Crystal Clear
  • View, Menu, and Share: Crystal Clear
  • Body: Crystal Clear
  • ABXY Buttons: Crystal Clear
  • Back: Robot White
  • D-Pad: Crystal Clear

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the official Xbox Series X box it came in. MegaModz had simply taken the stock controller out of the packaging, swapped out the stock parts for custom ones, and then put it back in the box.

The controller looked great right out of the box with no marks or wear from the customization process. On other custom controllers I’ve found marks or nicks where a screwdriver has slipped, but there were no issues with MegaModz’s method.

Mods coming soon

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review

Though modded controllers aren’t something that GameRevolution endorses, as we believe in fair gaming and sticking to official supported methods of play, MegaModz will soon be offering “modchips” that will enhance its custom Xbox Series X controllers with additional functionality.

Modded Xbox Series X controllers will help in first-person shooters and battle royale games by using mods like Advanced Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Akimbo, and more. Once again, however, GameRevolution doesn’t encourage the use of mods in games and we insist all players read a game’s terms and conditions before playing, so as to avoid any unexpected account bans.

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review | The Final Verdict

MegaModz Xbox Series X Controller Review

In terms of quality of work and components used, the MegaModz Xbox Series X controller does very well. It’s as though I got this direct from Microsoft, only with awesome cosmetic changes. Xbox Design Lab isn’t ready to go yet, but MegaModz is! What’s more, MegaModz offers customization on parts that the Xbox Design Lab doesn’t.

Price-wise, MegaModz’s controllers come at a fairly steep premium over the standard $59.99 pad and even the $79.99 Xbox Design Lab variants. However, with MegaModz having controllers ready to go right now, those in rush may be willing to pay that bit extra to enjoy the custom next-gen experience ASAP.

Though it comes at a higher premium than some might be expecting, I’ve been very impressed with the custom Xbox Series X controller from MegaModz. With mod support coming soon and (hopefully) back paddles, it looks like the company will remain formidable for this console generation and beyond.

Macro Remap Controller review unit was provided by MegaModz.