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The MegaModz Macro Remap Controller for PS4 aims to provide the advantage of back-buttons, while also allowing for rapid on-the-fly remapping. Compared to other custom PS4 controllers that we’ve reviewed, the MegaModz pad goes a few steps further, adding a custom lighting system at the bottom of the controller, as well as utilizing the vibrator motor to clearly convey successful remaps. It’s a step further than what the competition is doing, so I was very keen to put it through its paces in a number of games, including Call of Duty: Modern WarfareApex Legends, and Fortnite, as well as a few other non-shooter titles. Here’s my MegaModz Macro Remap Controller review.

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review | The power to customize

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review

To create my Macro Remap Controller review sample, I used the “Build Your Own PS4 Controller” tool. It lists a number of options and provides a clear visual of the changes as you make them. This also includes any price changes, so you won’t need to keep exiting the basket and going back to adjust until the price is right.

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Customization options include different body colors, colored backs with some including grips, colored d-pads and other buttons, as well as thumbsticks. I went for a Volcano Orange body, Rubberized Orange back, stock and black buttons, and orange/black thumbsticks.

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review

Upon receiving the controller, I was pleased to see all of my choices were correctly implemented, with overall impressive build quality. The custom back-buttons also feel like they belong and are perfectly positioned for my middle fingers to comfortably click.

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review | Unique selling points

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review

So the back-buttons feel good, but do they work well? I’m happy to report that MegaModz has produced one of the best-feeling and most responsive custom controllers that I have used. Assigning “Simple Remaps” to “X” on the left paddle and “O” on the right paddle is easily done within seconds. Once they are mapped, the back-buttons enable you to jump, shoot, and adjust aim all at the same time. You no longer have to remove your thumb from the right analog stick to hit a face button. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: these back-buttons are game-changers, especially in shooters like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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Of course, paddles or buttons on the back on a controller are nothing new, as we’ve seen plenty of other custom pads implementing them, and now Sony has also made its back-button add-on. However, MegaModz has gone a couple of steps further, adding indicator lights at the bottom of the controller, along with additional remapping modes. Assigning functions is very simple, with no additional software required. It’s all done on the controller itself and it couldn’t be easier.

When it comes to competitive online play, I’d recommend only using the “Simple Remap” function, as the “Turbo Mode,” “Auto Double-Tap,” “Auto Triple-Tap,” and “Continuous Press” could all be described as cheating, even if MegaModz insist that this functionality is totally legal. We at GameRevolution would advise that it’s better to be safe than sorry when using these modifications. Activating Turbo Mode in Street Fighter V, for example, could result in a suspicious opponent reporting your account.

With that said, it’s cool that the options are there, especially if you’re using this PS4 pad with some offline single-player games or through emulators on PC. These functions could also be helpful to those with a disability that makes it tricky to repeatedly push buttons.

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review | Pay to play

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review

Price-wise, the MegaModz Macro Remap will currently set you back $139.99 ($144.99 on Amazon), though the price will increase with additional personalization options. This price tag is at the higher end for a custom PS4 controller, while still cheaper than the SCUF Gaming line-up. The Sony back-button add-on also presents some stiff competition, at just $29.99, though it does require the user to have an existing controller to pair with. As always, it’s worth shopping around to see what the best deal is. MegaModz regularly has discounts on products bought through its site, with a 10% voucher currently available at the time of writing.

MegaModz offers 90-day warranty, which can be increased to an extended 1-year warranty. In addition to this, a “10 Day Money Back Guarantee” is also available, which is good to see. It’s always important to consider warranty information when making a premium purchase like this, and it seems like MegaModz is being as reasonable as its competition. Shipping is also free within the U.S. for those who spend over $99.

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review | Is this the custom pad for you?

MegaModz Macro Remap Controller Review

All in all, the MegaModz Macro Remap Controller is a top-tier custom PS4 pad with a number of customization options and unique back-button implementation.

The remap function and additional mods are impressive, and I’ve greatly enjoyed my time putting it to good use in my favorite battle royale games, where those back-buttons really shine.

Ultimately, the MegaModz Macro Remap Controller is a fantastic pad created by a clearly knowledgeable and talented team. If you’re looking for a new custom PS4 controller, with the ability to tweak the look and functionality, then be sure to consider MegaModz… especially when there’s a sale on or discount code available!

Macro Remap Controller review unit was provided by MegaModz

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