Successfully catch all 890 National Pokedex Pokemon to get this Home reward

There are a lot of Pokemon to capture across all of the Pokemon games. It’s been a long while since the days of the original 150, with hundreds of other creatures being added over the many years since. Look at the new Pokemon Home app and you’ll see room for 890 different Pokemon species. That is a huge number of Pokemon to capture. Well, for those with the time and patience required to fill Pokemon Home‘s National Pokedex with all 890 creatures, there’s a special reward to unlock.

As initially reported by, players have been receiving an “Original Color Magearna” in Pokemon Home upon completion of the National Pokedex. This version of the Magearna has a Poke Ball-like appearance, with yellow accents.

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You can see the special Magearna in the tweet by @kennethDMT below:

Unfortunately, there have been reports of players not receiving this Magearna. Hopefully these problems get fixed quickly, as completing the National Pokedex is no easy feat!