Minecraft 2010 vs. 2020 trailer shows how far the game has come

Nothing makes you feel old faster than the realization that Minecraft has been around for more than a decade now. That’s over 10 years! To mark the occasion, one dedicated fan has created a Minecraft 2010 vs. 2020 comparison trailer showcasing just how far the game has come.

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Reddit user LaffenGas shared the ambitious project in a thread aptly titled “I recreated the 2010 Minecraft trailer in 2020,” much to the delight of many and accruing a massive 42.8k upvotes at the time of writing. Almost a shot-for-shot recreation, the faithful “remaster” of sorts illustrates how much Minecraft has evolved in the decade that developer Mojang has spent diligently working on the game.

While the visual upgrades are striking across the board, it should be noted that the trailer isn’t a strictly vanilla vs. vanilla comparison. LaffenGas recorded the new footage while making use of the “Bare Bones” texture pack, though notes that this was in an effort to “remain faithful” to the updated aesthetic of modern Minecraft trailers.

I recreated the 2010 Minecraft trailer in 2020 from r/Minecraft