Pokeclicker is the Pokemon clicker game we all need right now

Somehow, we’ve all been sleeping on something fantastic. Pokeclicker is a Pokemon Clicker game that’s slowly gaining in popularity — and it’s just the kind of thing we need to kill some time right now.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with “clicker games” (also called “idle games” or “incremental games”), it’s a pretty simple concept. The game plays itself at a slow pace and you can speed things up by clicking on stuff. In the case of this Pokemon Clicker, you can click on Pokemon to defeat them faster and click on Pokeballs to capture them faster.

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As you progress through the world of the Pokemon Red and Blue, you can grow your collection of ‘mons and head off to new areas. Rather than gate players by level, the game instead requires you to catch a certain number of creatures before opening up the next section of the map.

Pokeclicker Pokemon Clicker Pokedex

Pokeclicker isn’t a 1:1 copy of the original games, mind. Yes, there’s a Pokedex and yes there are many of the original ‘mons making an appearance, but there are some substantial changes, too.

As an example, players are able to upgrade their game in various ways. One of these upgrades is “Shards”, a mechanic that seems to increase the damage of your Pokemon depending on their type. Pokemon breeding is also available in a sense through four “Egg Slots”, and this is definitely a system that was never in the first two games of the franchise.

If you’d like to try this game out for yourself, you have a couple of options. You can play the most stable current release right now and enjoy the refind idle clicker gameplay that’s been cooked up by some creative developers. If you’re keen on experimenting, you can also try out the developer branch with cheat codes to let you test out some of the later features. Either way, this looks like a fun take on the Pokemon franchise. Let’s just hope it manages to stick around for a while!

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