Check out some of the best Resident Evil Village mods (so far)

Resident Evil Village hasn’t even been out a week yet, but there are already some fantastic mods for the PC version. These modifications run the gamut from the useful to the useless, and can throw some spice into your next playthrough. These are just the best mods for Resident Evil Village for now, but make sure to keep an eye on the community for even more impressive work in the future.

Note: Our list doesn’t include RE8 nude mods. You’re on your own for those.

Best Resident Evil 8 mods

Here’s a selection of our favorite mods for RE8 so far. The game has only been out five days, so there’s not a huge amount available yet, so stay tuned if these don’t tickle your fancy.

Merchant Costume for Duke

Resident Evil Village Mod Duke Merchant2

The Duke mentions knowing the Merchant from RE4, and now he can look like them. This mod gives the Duke a costume reminiscent of that worn by the iconic salesman from RE4. Obviously, it’s a bit bigger, but it’s a fun homage that really should have been included by Capcom.

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Samurai Edge Custom

Resident Evil Village Mod Samurai Edge Custom3

The Samurai Edge that came with the Trauma Pack DLC for Resident Evil Village was essentially worthless due to its lack of upgradability. Fortunately, this mod allows players to enjoy the fan-favorite weapon by replacing the LEMI or M1911 with one of three Samurai Edge models:

  • All Black
  • Standard Model (Wood Grips)
  • Samurai Edge Custom (Barry Burton’s handgun)

This mod also replaces the upgrade parts so the weapon fits perfectly into the game’s progression system.

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Rose Redfield

Resident Evil Village Mod Rose Redfield4

A simple model swap can be all it takes to make the magic happen. This mod replaces Chris Redfield’s head with Rose’s, and it’s just perfect. It also has an ideal partner, which you can see below.

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Baby Chris

Resident Evil Village Mod Chris Redfield Baby1

With Rose taking over Chris’s body, where did his head go? This mod answers that question by placing Chris’s big head on Rose’s body. Enjoy a zanier start to the game as Ethan carries a little baby man around his house.

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Lazy FoV and Vignette Fix

Resident Evil Village Mod Ultra Vignette

Unfortunately, Capcom left out the ability to adjust the vignette and Field of Vision in Resident Evil Village’s settings. This mod adds a trainer, which allows players to update these settings in real-time with a slider. It’s a great mod for those that want to not feel like they have tunnel vision for the entire game.

There’s also an alternative hardmod version that is set and forget. Unfortunately, it lacks the ability to change settings in-game, but it should be update agnostic.

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Real Weapon Names

Resident Evil Village Mod Real Weapon Names6

The weapons in each Resident Evil game are modeled off of real-life firearms. However, since RE4, Capcom has used alternate names for them. This mod restores the names of the guns in Resident Evil Village to that of their real-world counterparts.

This mod is more for gun buffs than the average player. Most people don’t care if the handgun Ethan is using is an M1911 or an M45A1, but this will be a must-have for those that do.

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RED 9 replaces V61 Custom

Resident Evil Village Mod RED 5

The RED 9 is a fan-favorite handgun from RE4. With this mod, the V61 Custom will get replaced with the broomhandled pistol, and it even comes with modified custom parts to fit with the game’s upgrade system.

Unfortunately, this mod doesn’t work perfectly. When the drum mag is attached (which is just an extended mag on the RED 9), Ethan’s hand will float off the gun. However, for fans of the Mauser, this is a mod to keep an eye on, and hopefully, either the creator or someone else will fix the bug.

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