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Resident Evil Village Nudity: Are there naked characters?

Is Resident Evil Village nudity a thing? Naked characters can appear in all types of video games, though they often bump the age rating up significantly. RE8 is rated Mature, so the potential for some nudity is there. With characters like the tall vampire woman, Lady Dimitrescu, causing many fans to become hot and bothered, the question of nudity will no doubt be a common one. Here’s the need-to-know about Resident Evil 8 nudity and seeing characters naked.

Is there nudity in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Nudity

In the unmodded version of Resident Evil Village, there is no explicit nudity.

However, with Resident Evil Village on PC, mod support will no doubt be coming at some point after launch. As the modding community is often prone to do, there will likely be nude mods to make characters like the fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu naked.

In the console version and untouched PC version, there are no nude characters aside from the odd grotesquely mutated beast whose private parts are fortunately obscured from view.

Those hunting for a naked Lady Dimitrescu will unfortunately have to look elsewhere, at least until RE8 nude modes are released. On the bright side, those mods are usually made pretty quickly and will no doubt be making headlines once they are available to download and install.

For now, players will simply have to deal with characters wearing clothes. A true tragedy!

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