Box art - Resident Evil: Village

What does the Resident Evil Village weapon charm do?

Players that pre-order Resident Evil 8 receive the Mr. Raccoon weapon charm as a free DLC bonus. Are there any benefits to equipping it, though? Or is it just cosmetic? Here’s the need-to-know on the purpose of the Resident Evil Village weapon charm and whether it’s removable or not.

Does the RE8 weapon charm do anything?

Resident Evil Village weapon charm

The Resident Evil Village weapon charm is purely cosmetic. Mr. Raccoon simply hangs and swings from the LEMI pistol, which is RE8’s way of paying homage to the iconic Resi mascot.

Aiming can be somewhat tough in Village, due to the erratic way that enemies move. As such, some players may come to find the RE8 weapon charm distracting. In this situation, is it possible to remove the weapon charm in Resident Evil Village?

How to remove weapon charms in Resident Evil Village

  1. Launch RE8 and choose “Options” from the main menu
  2. Navigate to the “Special” tab
  3. Switch the “Display Weapon Charms” setting to “Off”

Although the RE Village weapon charm is technically still on the gun, users will no longer see it swinging around as they aim. As cool as this cosmetic item may seem at first, having a means of hiding it is easy to appreciate.

From the same menu, users can access the other Resident Evil Village pre-order DLC items. These include a filter, item, and audio piece from the game’s direct precursor.

While the weapon charm can be needlessly distracting, elsewhere, the game’s visuals are stunning. GameRevolution has high praise for Resident Evil 8’s production value — check out the review.

In line with the series’ legacy, Resi Village is also pretty spooky at times. For PC players, there are already mods that can turn fear into farce by replacing character models with Barney the Dinosaur and Thomas the Tank Engine. No such luck for those playing on consoles, unfortunately!