Resident Evil Village already has Barney and Thomas The Tank Engine mods

The game’s not out until Friday, but determined fans are already crafting some intense Resident Evil Village mods based entirely around the early release PC demo which went live this week. Some truly inventive mods were released for the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, but the most popular involved turning Mr. X or Nemesis into a kids’ TV icon such as Barney the Dinosaur or Thomas the Tank Engine. Now both of those characters have already been added to Resident Evil Village, and the results are surprisingly terrifying.

How to play Resident Evil Village mods with the demo

Resident Evil Village mods

The first thing anyone who wants to add mods to Resident Evil games will need is the latest version of the mod manager by FluffyQuack with support for the Resident Evil Village demo, then the mods themselves. Most of the mods are available over at NexusMods, and if they’re not there right now they probably will be by the time the main game gets released. Of course, the Resident Evil Village demo on PC will also be needed, which is available until May 9th.

The first major mod that stands out is Barney the Dinosaur, which is made by artist Marcos RC and is available on his Patreon. He’s also responsible for adding Brazilian model/meme Ricardo Milos into the game, as well as replacing Duke the salesman with the merchant from Resident Evil 4.

Less direct but possibly far creepier is the mod that turns the demo’s vampiric Alcina Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine, complete with an unnerving version of the classic Thomas theme tune. Unlike the Thomas mods for previous Resident Evil games, this mod only replaces Alcina’s face with that of Thomas’s, and the result is something more nightmarish than even a giant vampire lady who can control killer bugs.

Resident Evil Village is out this Friday, so expect a flood of mods for the PC version as soon as it does. However, there are apparently already copies of the game out in the wild, so beware of spoilers leaking around the internet.