Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have got people hot and bothered

Resident Evil Village‘s “tall vampire lady” has been revealed as Lady Dimitrescu, with the game’s antagonist (or at least one of them) having finally been given a formal introduction in its latest trailer. We were also shown her “daughters,” three women who operate under her command, and the internet sure does have some decidedly Rule 34-esque thoughts on these new characters.

Lady Dimitrescu appears prominently in the latest Resident Evil Village trailer, with her being instructed to pursue and capture protagonist Ethan Winters by the mysterious Mother Miranda. While Resident Evil fans are interested to see how Dimitrescu and her daughters fit into the overarching RE story, there are many more decidedly non-PG opinions encircling these new characters.

Shortly after the new trailer went live during this week’s Resident Evil Showcase, Twitter reactions were less concerned with Lady Dimitrescu’s capturing of Ethan, and more preoccupied with requesting that the villain step on them:

Lady Dimitrescu appears to be a “pursuer” villain, in the vein of Resident Evil 3‘s Nemesis or Resident Evil 2 Remake‘s Mr. X. These characters hunt down the protagonist throughout the game, with this potentially being the case in the upcoming sequel.

However, while players weren’t too enthusiastic about Nemesis and Mr. X getting hold of them in previous RE games, some seem more willing to let Lady Dimitrescu catch up with them this time around:

There’s still many mysteries surrounding Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters, so it remains to be seen whether players will be as into the idea of the characters hunting them down when Resident Evil Village releases in May. As highlighted in the trailer, we know they can transform themselves into a swarm of bats, so they presumably can turn themselves into other horrifying creations that will make Twitter users less willing to be stepped on.