Resident Evil: Village’s Tall Vampire Lady finally gets a name

A woman in Resident Evil: Village has garnered a wide array of fans on social media recently. Unfortunately, since we didn’t know anything about her, she was just referred to as the “tall vampire lady.” Today’s Resident Evil Showcase revealed a few more of her secrets, and we also finally have her name.

Who is the tall vampire lady in Resident Evil: Village?

The woman in Resident Evil: Village that fans have been referring to as the “tall vampire lady” is named Lady Dimitrescu. We don’t know her full backstory yet, but the latest trailer for RE8 gave us an outline of her role in the game.

The imposing castle, where much of the game presumably takes place, is owned by Lady Dimitrescu. In today’s trailer, she spoke with someone named Mother Miranda about protagonist Ethan Winter. She says that Ethan escaped from “Heisenberg,” whom she referred to as her brother. We also learned that she controls the three women she calls “daughters,” that can be seen stalking and attacking Ethan.

Resident Evil Village tall Vampire Lady sitting

While the trailer gave us a better picture of Lady Dimitrescu’s role in Resident Evil: Village, there’s still a ton of questions about her that are unanswered. She’s very tall and towers above her daughters, who are roughly the same height as Ethan. From her eyes and skin pallor, we can tell she’s been infected with something, but we don’t know what. Other than her height and skin tone, she looks and acts like an average human, albeit a menacing one.

We also don’t know if our tall vampire lady is related to the people she’s calling her mother, brother, and daughters. It could be that Lady Dimitrescu and co are keeping it in the family like the Bakers. Alternatively, these may be religious in nature.

Lady Dimitrescu is an intriguing character whose past and purpose must remain mysterious for now. Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait to learn more about her as Resident Evil: Village comes out on May 7, 2021.