Resident Evil Village PC demo is finally available to preload

It’s been a long time coming and PS4 and PS5 owners have already been able to experience it but, at last, the Resident Evil Village PC demo is now available to preload. While Capcom’s release strategy for the Resident Evil Village demo has been nothing short of confusing for fans, players looking to try out the PC version to see how well it runs on their systems can now download the demo so they can play it as soon as it goes live tomorrow.

Where to preload the Resident Evil Village PC demo

Resident Evil Village PC demo preload

The Resident Evil Village PC demo is available to preload right now on Steam.

It has to be said that both Steam and the game’s own store page do not make it obvious where users need to go to grab the preload. Users need to head to the Resident Evil Village gameplay demo’s own store page to access the demo. This store page confusingly does not appear if players use Steam’s own search function, nor does the demo have the usual “download demo” button on the main Resident Evil Village page. This convoluted hoop-jumping certainly fits with the confusing manner that Capcom has rolled out this highly-anticipated demo.

The PC demo size is 9.54 GB.

The PC demo will then unlock on Saturday, May 1 at 17:00 PT, or 1 AM on May 2 for any fans in the UK.

Unlike the previous demos on PS4 and PS5, Capcom has been more generous with the time available for the PC demo, as it will continue to be playable all the way up to May 9 at 17:00 PT.

Resident Evil Village itself releases on May 7, so if fans planning to pick up the game on PC aren’t sure whether their specs are up to playing it, they can give the demo a try first over the next week and see how well it runs.