Warning: Resident Evil Village leaks early, so beware spoilers

Leaked copies of the latest Resident Evil game are now out there, meaning fans should watch out for Resident Evil Village spoilers circulating on the internet.

The highly-anticipated next numbered entry in the venerable Resident Evil franchise is due out this week. However, despite the game not having officially launched yet, a bunch of Resident Evil Village leaked copies have begun finding their way out into player’s hands, and so (sadly) consequently many Resident Evil Village spoilers have started appearing on social media.

Why are Resident Evil Village spoilers out there now?

Despite being a week and a half away from the game’s May 7 release date, as we write this, early leaked copies of Resident Evil Village have started appearing. With us only a few days away from the game’s launch, it appears that some unnamed retailers have broken the street date, causing copies to pop up online.

The above player didn’t reveal how they got hold of a copy, but they did say that the base install file on PS5 is 27GB, with a day one patch coming that has yet to go live (presumably because the game isn’t out yet). They were also kind enough to post a picture of the back of the box too, after being prompted to do so by a doubting fan.

Hopefully, places like the Resident Evil Reddit will be patrolled for any spoilers, but it’s probably best to avoid places like that and to be vigilant on social media until the game goes live in a few days’ time.