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Resident Evil Village: Which treasure is safe to sell?

Resident Evil Village harkens back to the series’ fourth mainline entry in many ways. For example, the presence of valuable treasures hidden around environments and dropped by enemies. Trinkets like Crystal Skulls can sell for a high price, but is it a good idea to barter with them? Are treasures ever a requirement to solving puzzles in RE8? Here’s the lowdown on which treasure is safe to sell in Resident Evil 8.

Is selling treasures safe in RE8?

Resident Evil Village Which treasure is safe to sell

Selling treasure items to the merchant, Duke, is always safe in Resident Evil Village. Anything categorized under RE8’s in-game “Treasure” tab is completely safe to get rid of.

It won’t take most players long to encounter treasure for the first time, as the early game Lycan enemies quite frequently drop Crystal Skulls. Rather than hoarding these treasures, simply sell them straight away in order to earn money towards purchasing new items and upgrades. There’s no benefit to keeping standard treasures in the inventory — sell, sell, sell!

There is one instance where holding onto treasure trinkets can be beneficial, however. Always read the brief item description for each new treasure, as some will appear as “Combinable” in the menu. Players can combine these items with other treasures to increase the value versus selling each piece separately. Auctioning them off separately can occasionally be the better call, though, if, for example, the user is in desperate need of quick cash.

Utilizing Duke’s shop is a great way to prepare for the horrors to come, and flipping treasures for a quick buck is the best way to earn money in Resident Evil 8. Check the map frequently to see which areas still have undiscovered items, as they’re often valuable treasure pieces.

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