How the Biomutant ending sets up an interesting sequel

The Biomutant ending ties up the game’s loose ends, providing a conclusion to the Light and Dark Aura moral choices you make throughout its story. It also potentially sets up an interesting sequel that, if developer Experiment 101 wants to transform this into a series, has a lot of potential.

Here’s the Biomutant good and bad endings explained, and how they could lead to an eventual sequel.

— Major spoilers below! —

Biomutant good and bad ending explained

At the end of Biomutant, the player-character is tasked with either killing or sparing Lupa-Lupin, the killer of their Mooma (mother), before heading off onto the Ark with their assembled characters. They’re guided by either their Light or Dark Aura, depending on their choices in the rest of the game, before setting off into the sky as the world below them either flourishes or crumbles due to the rejuvenation or death of the Tree of Life.

Biomutant’s ending is something of a cliff-hanger regardless of whether or not you played as a Light or Dark character. While it mostly ties up the various plot threads the game has going on, from its tribal war through to its revenge tale, you’re still left not really knowing what becomes of your player-character and the others it brings on the Ark with them.

Here’s an overview of what happens in both the Light (good) and Dark (bad) endings.

What happens in Biomutant’s good and Light ending?

biomutant light ending explained

In Biomutant’s good ending, the player leaves Lupa-Lupin alive and boards the Ark with their four chosen companions (or however many you’ve chosen, as well as Out-Of-Date, and the chosen sifu.

As Out-Of-Date readies the spacecraft for takeoff, the narrator reflects on the journey the player has had and the Light path that they have taken. The narrator concludes: “As foretold, you were destined to split the chains of this world. Is there a world out there that’s better suited for those imbalanced in their Light nature than this one?”

The Ark then takes off, leaving behind a world saved by the player.

What happens in Biomutant’s bad and dark ending?

biomutant dark bad ending

In Biomutant’s bad ending, the player kills Lupa-Lupin and sets off on the Ark with their chosen companions, Out-Of-Date, and the sifu.

You witness a destroyed world left behind you as your Dark path has ultimately seen you let the Tree of Life fall. Your post-apocalyptic world has been left in ruins as you jettison off to greener pastures, letting the Worldeaters continue to overrun the ground below.

Will there be a Biomutant 2?

biomutant 2 ending explained sequel

Biomutant sets the scene for a Biomutant 2, even if a sequel doesn’t end up happening. By having the player-character leave on the Ark regardless of whether or not they receive the Light or Dark ending, it suggests that Experiment 101 wanted to explore a completely different world for the game’s follow-up.

As the Ark is basically a spaceship, the player leaving on it to venture elsewhere with a band of characters would potentially set up a very Mass Effect scenario where you and your assembled crew venture into the sequel. While Biomutant’s world is massive, a sequel would almost definitely need a new map, which this ending suggests would happen.

Given Biomutant’s mixed critical reception, a potential sequel really hinges on the game’s sales. Additionally, THQ Nordic has said that developer Experiment 101 is focused on delivering the “best game at launch” rather than turn to DLC, which suggests that it doesn’t have additional content focused on this potential new world in its immediate pipeline.

Still, while Biomutant’s story is in no way its focal point, this ending provides an intriguing setup for Biomutant 2. Hopefully, Experiment 101 gets to turn this into a series, and we’ll find out where those critters are headed in their Ark.