Biomutant has no plans for DLC, is focused on ‘delivering the best game possible’ at launch

Biomutant DLC isn’t in developer Experiment 101’s immediate plans, the game’s publisher THQ Nordic has revealed. Instead, the developer is focused on “delivering the best game possible at launch.”

Is there a Biomutant DLC roadmap?

While Biomutant has only released today, May 25, players have inevitably asked its creators if any additional content is being planned. However, given Experiment 101’s small team, it seems that it is instead putting all of its attention on the base game before it moves onto any future DLC or expansions.

Responding to a follower on Twitter who asked the publisher if there was any plans for extra content, THQ Nordic stated that it doesn’t “have any plans yet,” though concluded that after launch DLC may still be a possibility.

If Biomutant does receive DLC, it’ll likely be a while before anything resembling a roadmap is revealed. Experiment 101 has notably had a team of roughly 20 developers working on the game, compared to the sizable teams that typically work on similar open-world titles. As such, it’s likely to be all hands on deck for the studio as the game releases.

The critical response to Biomutant has been mixed, to say the least. While we awarded it an Editors’ Choice award and called it one of our favorites of the year so far in the latest GR Showcase, other reviewers have shared different experiences with the game, creating an odd general consensus where reviews seem fairly split.

As a result, THQ Nordic will be looking to sales to gauge the future of Biomutant and whether or not DLC should be produced. Those who enjoy the game will be left hoping that its sales match the length of time Experiment 101 has spent developing it,

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