Mass Effect Garrus Plush Is a Must Have for BioWare Fans

This Mass Effect Garrus plush has not only changed our lives in the best way, but we’re that excited we want to help it change yours too. Ever since that lovable alien graced our platform back when Mass Effect was released in 2007, everyone who isn’t a coward has admitted of wanting a little bit of Garrus Vakarian in their lives. Not only is he considered as your best bro, but fantastic husband material as well.

Thankfully that (as well as cotton) is what makes up this Garrus Vakarian plush, so fans of the Mass Effect franchise and Garrus should at least head over to the Sanshee store and give it a look for yourselves. After all, he may just be the one thing you need to make your plush collection complete.

As you can see above, Garrus isn’t the only Mass Effect character who can join you for your very own cuddle session. Your favorite alien son, Grunt Urdnot, can also be ordered from the store separately or along with Garrus at the price of $39.99. Though if you just want Garrus, you’ll only be asked to fork over $29.99.  A small price to pay for such excellent cuddling companions from outer space.

However, the Sanshee store doesn’t provide you with just Mass Effect plushes. Carry on perusing the store’s wares and you’ll find other delightful BioWare characters such as Cassandra Pentaghast, Cullen and even Morrigan from the Dragon Age franchise. So it goes without saying that if you’re a fan of BioWare, this store is for you.

Have you bought one of these plushes before? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.