H510i Mass Effect case revealed by NZXT in collaboration with BioWare

The H510i Mass Effect case from NZXT is a limited edition must-have for fans of the franchise and PC gaming. Collaborating with BioWare has given NZXT the power to produce an H510i with a kinetic armor theme accented by the iconic N7 stripe and logo.

A two-sided charm is also included with this version of the case, letting the owner choose between a Paragon or Renegade logo.

H510i Mass Effect

The announcement of the NZXT H510i Mass Effect case was scheduled alongside other Mass Effect reveals for November 7 (“Mass Effect Day”). The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include remasters of the original trilogy, optimizing them for 4K ultra HD displays. What’s more, a “veteran team has been hard at work envisioning the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe.”

At $199.99, the H510i Mass Effect comes at a $100 premium. However, that limited edition styling will no doubt sway some diehard Mass Effect fans. It’s available now. Check it out here on NZXT.com.