Cosplayer Momokun ‘Canceled’ by Community for ‘Sexual Harassment’

Over the past half a decade, the cosplay scene has experienced several aggressive instances of community-wide allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior regarding cosplayers and convention attendees. The latest figure to fall foul of the community effort to rid itself of sexual assault is the cosplayer known as Momokun, real name Mariah Mallad. Having gained her popularity in the community, it is now offering her little more than infamy, with the vocal majority calling for her removal from platforms she once profited from.

On July 3rd, just two days before the convention was due to kick off, the branch of Creator’s Guild Clothing known as Dere Love Club announced that its Anime Expo 18 booth would host a meet and greet for the cosplayer, leading to one user speaking out on behalf of peers:

What followed was a swift tide of cosplayers and convention-goers coming forward to lend their voices and experiences to the allegations of unacceptable behavior. The Dere Love Club team were quick to act, and upon seeing the outstanding response of detailed reports from many individuals in the community, promptly canceled Momokun’s meet and greet, giving rise to the hashtag #momokuniscanceled. Creators Guild also revoked Mariah’s badge, ending the cosplayer’s association with the company brand and any advantages this may have permitted her at any event that the company associates itself with.

Further evidence brought to public attention included several videos, such as one posted to YouTube showing the cosplayer engaging in sexual contact with a convention-goer, assumedly against their consent and to the clear discomfort of others.

The video can be viewed below:

Allegedly, despite posting an apology declaring a hiatus from the community to allow those affected by her behavior time to heal, this was swiftly deleted in the lead-up to EVO 2018 this weekend.  Rumors of her attendance at the event are as of yet unconfirmed but suggest a continued controversy that many in the community will not be forgiving — or forgetting — any time soon.

Image Credit: @mariahmallad / Instagram