Capcom banned Street Fighter player Gllty over sexual harassment complaints

Professional player Leah “Gllty” Hayes was just banned from all Capcom events. Capcom banned Street Fighter player Gllty following sexual harassment complaints shortly after the end of Evo, the largest fighting game tournament in the world.

Gllty is a popular player with a significant fanbase, but her latest tournament participation was the trigger for a roll of complaints over alleged rude behavior and sexual harassment. The complaints didn’t limit themselves to the recent tournament either; some of them go back as far as 2015, as several social media users started talking about her encounters with Gllty.

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As the stories surfaced, Combo Breaker, CEO Gaming, and Big E Gaming banned Gllty from all future competitions. Now, Capcom does the same with the following tweet:

“Over the past several days Capcom has received a number of troubled complaints about Leah ‘Gllty’ Hayes from community members. Following a review of these allegations and other information available to us it is clear that there have been multiple violations of our player code of conduct over an extended period. We therefore have concluded that we have no choice but to ban ‘Gllty’ from all Capcom owned and/or operated events including Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League until further notice. This is a global prohibition, meaning it applies to tournaments and events in any location throughout the world.”

As Capcom banned Street Fighter player Gllty, she has already reacted to this situation with several tweets on her official account. One of them reads “Some things are true. Some things are true-ish. Some things aren’t true.” She also expressed her discomfort over the number of new followers gained but said she wasn’t surprised at people unfollowing her.

One of her most biting tweets says the following: “If you are defending me, I would recommend you question yourself as to why.” She contemplates “taking an exit” as a necessary choice and mentions “taking ownership of my actions” as the first step.

Gllty’s latest tweet at the time of writing simply reads: “I haven’t eaten in like two days.”