Alan Wake TV Show Confirmed To Be In The Works

An Alan Wake TV show is likely happening. It may not be the sequel players were expecting eight years after the release of the Microsoft-owned IP, but it’s likely the best we’re going to get. Just as news starts to pick up surrounding the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher video games series, so too does word of another video game set to make the jump to the small screen. Alan Wake, the 2010 action/adventure title from Remedy Entertainment, will officially become a television show, with Legion‘s Peter Calloway joining the project as showrunner and writer, while Remedy Entertainment’s own Sam Lake steps in as executive producer.

Though putting names to paper is certainly an exciting time for any potential TV show, it’s still early days for the project. As reported by Variety in an exclusive story, Tomas Harlan, a partner over at Contradiction, suggests the show is still in need of a studio and network to call home. He will begin pitching the show next month with Calloway’s help and notes that a number of studios have already shown interest.

The Alan Wake TV show looks to adapt and expand upon the story of the Alan Wake video game, which Harlan described to Variety as “a TV series that was put into a game”. It’s essentially full-circle for the 2010 Xbox 360 and PC game that drew heavy inspiration from television shows like The Twilight Zone and the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

According to Lake, the Alan Wake universe was expanded upon internally over the years, but planned projects never materialized. The work put in previously will likely be used in this show, with the story of the game acting as a foundation that can be expanded upon in future episodes. When asked whether the Alan Wake TV show will be classed as canon to the game or not, Lake stated that revealing such information “would be a spoiler”.

There’s no word on when we can expect the show to air, but the current plan is to move forward with meetings and a finalized a network/studio pitch in the next few weeks.