Alan Wake Remastered revealed by Epic leak

A new Epic Games Store leak has seemingly confirmed its existence, but what is the Alan Wake Remastered release date? Users spotted the Alan Wake remaster in the Epic Games Store’s update files, which suggests that a full announcement of the game is imminent. Presumably this will lead into some sort of reveal for Alan Wake 2, but when is the remaster of the first game coming out?

What is the Alan Wake Remastered release date?

Alan Wake Remastered release date

While it is no confirmation of a release date, Alan Wake Remastered being prepared for an update on the Epic Games Store suggests that an announcement is at least coming soon, so the release shouldn’t be that far away. This is according to EpicData, a site that tracks Epic Games Store updates. Opening up ‘Custom Attributes’ and ‘CloudSaveFolder’ reveals the name Alan Wake Remastered, which properly confirms the title.

A possible remaster of Alan Wake — and presumably the DLCs and standalone expansion, American Nightmare — was first rumored back in 2019, as YouTuber Doctre81 spotted that studio Virtuous may have been helping Remedy out with a remaster, which may include a Switch version. Microsoft even hinted at the existence of a remaster all the way back in 2015.

Now that Remedy has all the rights to Alan Wake, a remastered edition for all systems seems a likely possibility. The studio’s last release, the AWE expansion for Control, was a full tie-in with Alan Wake and strongly hinted that an announcement for Alan Wake 2 was coming next — which was originally put on hold in favor of both Control and Quantum Break. It would also make sense that Alan Wake Remastered would be coming to the Epic Game Store since regular Alan Wake was actually given away free by Epic in 2019, and it would certainly make a nice primer for Alan Wake 2.