Alan Wake remaster rumored to be in development

A few months ago, news broke that Remedy finally regained the publishing rights to Alan Wake back from Microsoft. Since then, fans have been wondering what the studio’s next step for the franchise would be. Now, a new rumor points to a possible Alan Wake remaster coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The speculation comes from YouTuber Doctre81 who recently posted a video discussing the idea of a new remaster. Here, the YouTuber specifically points to the LinkedIn page of a staff member of the studio Virtuous. On the page, the staff member claimed that they were working on a remake of triple A third-person action adventure game.

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Fans of Remedy’s games may already be somewhat familiar with Virtuous. The latter has helped the former out with a number of games, one of the most recent being Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC.

More importantly, Virtuous cut its teeth on various remasters of older games. The Singapore based studio has helped out with titles like The Last of Us: Remastered, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Assassin’s Creed: the Ezio Collection, and Dark Souls Remastered. The last one is the most interesting as Virtuous specifically helped out with the Nintendo Switch version of that game. The supposed Alan Wake remaster is reportedly coming to that system as well, alongside PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, with its experience porting older titles to newer hardware, Virtuous could possibly be working on a remaster of a different title. That said, there are a couple of of factors that do strengthen the argument for Virtuous’ new game being a remaster of Alan Wake.

First up, Remedy itself seems to be keen to work on the franchise once again. Quantum Break director Mikeal Kasurinen, who worked as a concept designer for Alan Wake, actually talked about the possibility of a new entry in the series back when Remedy regained the rights: “So we own the Alan Wake IP, yes. I just want to say right away that it’s very dear to us and close to our hearts.We all love Alan Wake at Remedy and I think all of us want to see a new Alan Wake game,” Kasurinen told Gamepur. “I just want to say that out loud. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to it any more than that. We’ll see what happens with Alan Wake next but we all want to see it happen, absolutely.”

The latter statement seems interesting as Kasurinen seems to be hinting that Remedy does have something in the works for the series—he just can’t talk about it at this point. Of course, Remedy wanting to do more games in the series isn’t exactly a secret. Back in 2015, the studio released footage of a canceled prototype for what could have been an Alan Wake 2. Alongside this footage, creative director Sam Lake confirmed that Remedy hadn’t totally ruled out doing more games in the series.

In addition to the above, Remedy may actually have new Alan Wake related content in the works. Sam Lake recently shared the studio’s content roadmap for Control on Twitter. The second expansion for the game, titled AWE, uses a logo that looks suspiciously like that of Alan Wake. Not only does it seem to use the exact same font, but it also depicts a person holding a flashlight in the woods like the Alan Wake logo. Additionally, the acronym AWE could also stand for “Alan Wake Experience.” Remedy has used this before as part of an easter egg in Quantum Break.

If Control‘s second expansion is related to Alan Wake, it could possibly serve to drum up interest in a remaster of the latter. More importantly, both could serve to lay the groundwork for a proper sequel like that which the studio had to abandon years ago.