Pokemon Funko Pop figures will stare into your soul

Some brand new Pokemon Funko Pop figures have been announced. Although there are hundreds of creatures in the Pokemon universe, Funko hasn’t really done much in the way of these adorable little pocket monsters. It seems like someone has since opened up the Ark of the Covenant because we’ve just had some new Pokemon Funko Pop figures revealed. One of these new figures has a particularly interesting look, and by “particularly interesting” I mean “stared into the abyss and the abyss stared back.”

The first new Pokemon Funko Pop is Bulbasaur, one of the first Pokemon aside from Pikachu to be represented with a Funko Pop. Unfortunately, Bulbasaur looks a little… unsettling. I’m not quite sure if it’s the big black eyes or the dissonance between the eyes and the toothy smile, but I’d be reluctant to be in a dark room at night with Bulbasaur. You’ll be able to buy your very own Funko Pop Bulbasaur on February 27 if you’d like to expand your collection or terrify small children.

On the lighter side of things, a whole year’s worth of festive Pikachu have been announced as part of the Pokemon Funko Pop line. The A Day With Pikachu line will dress up the series mascot in various colorful costumes to celebrate appropriate holidays starting with St. Patrick’s day. We just have silhouettes for most of them at the moment, although some of them are somewhat obvious. For instance, the June Pikachu appears to be carrying a pair of sparklers in celebration of Independence Day. The first A Day with Pikachu Funko Pop will launches on February 13 with a new figure coming once per month after that for an entire year.

The new A Day with Pikachu line and the slightly-creepy Bulbasaur are brand new additions that you can get soon, but they’re far from the only Pokemon that you’ll be able to get. While a new festive Pikachu will be coming out monthly for a year, the Bulbasaur announcement page states that we’ll be getting new Pokemon “every season”. Let’s hope that they have a little more soul and a little less of a thousand-yard stare.

[via Twinfinite]