Charmander Funko Pop is here to haunt your dreams

Charmander Funko Pop is joining the Pokemon lineup over at Funko! Our fiery friend continues the company’s expansion into the world of pocket monsters first kicked off with the addition of a somewhat disturbing Bulbasaur into the lineup. The addition of the Charmander Funko Pop to the lineup means that we’re only missing Squirtle to have all of the original starters available in Funko Pop fashion. Pikachu, of course, has been available as a Funko Pop for some time now.

Charmander (#004 in the OG Pokedex) is a fire-type Pokemon that’s offered as one of three starters in the original Pokemon games. He made for the most challenging pick for beginners as the first gym had players facing off against Brock, a gym trainer whose Pokemon rendered Charmander’s fire attacks ineffective in the early game. Nonetheless, he’s a fan favorite thanks in part to his starring role in a heartwarming episode of the Pokemon anime, where he has to protect his tail flame from going out lest he dies. Charmander eventually evolved into Charmeleon and then Charizard on the show, giving Ash Ketchum no shortage of problems throughout the anime series.

The starter Pokemon Funko Pops seem to have proven somewhat popular, as the Bulbasaur Funko Pop announced a few weeks ago is missing in action on Amazon. The company has recently been pushing an expansion into the Pokemon franchise, helped along with a yearlong series of releases via the A Day with Pikachu line of products. These, too, appear to sell out rather rapidly as one might expect for such a popular franchise.

You’ll be able to get the Charmander Funko Pop sometime in May 2019. Keep your eyes open for the fiery little lizard to hit store shelves and online stores sometime in May 2019. If you’d like to get one yourself, you probably should act fast — odds are, this one is going to sell out quickly.