ProJared allegedly sent nudes to fans, requested them in return

YouTube star ProJared allegedly sent nudes to fans through SnapChat and requested them in return. The allegations broke on Twitter after Jared Knabenbauer, better known as ProJared, made a post announcing he and his wife Heidi O’Ferrall were filing for divorce. The post made the split sound amicable, but O’Ferrall’s response and the ensuing allegations shine a different light on the situation.

After getting blocked by Knabenbauer on Twitter, O’Ferrall made an allegation of her own: that Knabenbauer had been cheating on her with Holly “CommanderHolly” Conrad for months. In a series of tweets, O’Ferrall gave several statements on the situation and offered evidence to support her claims.

Not long after the first tweets broke, the allegations of Knabenbauer’s infidelity continued. This time, fans were involved. O’Ferrall alleged that Knabenbauer had “been soliciting nudes from his fans for years” using Tumblr and SnapChat. O’Ferrall offered fans who allegedly engaged in photo exchanges with Knabenbauer to come forward and tell her what happened, promising that she was not mad at them and even apologizing for her role in enabling the situation.

Several fans came forward in response. Some posted NSFW photos that Knabenbauer allegedly sent them, along with screenshots of their private conversations. Others asked to privately message O’Ferrall with their experiences.

After the initial firestorm, Conrad made a brief statement before saying she would be off of Twitter for the time being.

Knabenbauer has yet to make a statement following the initial tweet regarding his divorce. Other internet personalities have weighed in and many fans showed their support of O’Ferrall in response to her tweets. O’Ferrall’s latest statements sent well-wishes Knabenbauer.

“I know Jared has been hurting for a long time in ways I don’t fully understand. I still empathize with him. He was my best friend for 7 years…My point here is really just that I am not trying to incite hate towards Jared. I don’t hate him. I would prefer to see him get help and heal.”

We’ve reached out to ProJared for comment.