ProJared controversy continues as wife hits back at abuse claims

The ProJared scandal continues on Twitter after another storm of tweets between Holly “CommanderHolly” Conrad and ProJared’s estranged wife Heidi O’Ferrall. Conrad initially rekindled the flames with a thread dedicated to her side of the story. O’Ferrall, in turn, responded to the thread with a rebuttal and stories of her own.

The scandal first unfolded after Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer announced he was divorcing O’Ferrall. O’Ferrall publicly posted allegations that Knabenbauer had not only cheated on her with Conrad but exchanged nudes with fans on multiple occasions. Conrad took a break from Twitter after the accusation.

But now Conrad is back with a thread attempting to show her side of the story. She claims that she was trying to help Knabenbaur leave an “abusive relationship” and discusses multiple instances that paint O’Ferrall in a negative light. Among them, she has screenshots of alleged conversations with O’Ferrall in which O’Ferrall “wishes she could destroy” a show that Conrad and Knabenbaur had together. Conrad also alleged that O’Ferrall had called and screamed at her and that O’Ferrall was afraid of losing control of Knabenbauer.

O’Ferrall defended herself and responded with a series of tweets. She posted screenshots of conversations with Conrad, giving a fuller picture of the events leading to the blowup. O’Ferrall called Conrad’s thread “full of lies” and pointed out flaws in Conrad’s accusations against her. She claimed she was in a highly stressful situation having to deal with her husband’s infidelity and “lived with constant blame, neglect, lies, and anxiety.”

Knabenbauer has remained almost silent on the issue since the initial divorce announcement. His last statement regarding the situation was posted on Twitter on May 17.

Comments on his statement tore into him for blaming O’Ferrall and for ignoring the most serious core issue of the scandal: allegations that Knabenbauer had sent nude photographs to underage fans. Both Conrad and O’Ferrall have expressed that due to the legal ramifications surrounding these accusations, they have avoided discussing the topic on social media.

For now, it seems the dust has settled again. That said, this may not be the last we hear from the parties involved in the ProJared scandal.